Located in high mountainous areas, terrace fields, having been used around the world for thousands of years, reflect the agricultural and cultural characteristics of many countries worldwide.
1. Sapa:
Being a popular destination of Northern Vietnam because of its spectacular natural beauty, Sapa (a town of Lao Cai province) attracts a large number of tourists, both domestic tourists and foreign travelers. In particular, Sapa’s terraces are described like ladies leading to heaven. When autumn comes, they are covered by the golden yellow of ripened rice paddies. It creates stunning scenery that captivates anyone visiting there at this time.
2. Pisac, Peru:
Being one of the terraces built by the ancient Incan, Pisac has been used since 13th-16th century. Unlike other parts of the world, Peru’s terraces consist of a system of 16 different cultivated areas. In the dialect of Quechua, Pisac means “partridge”. The special thing is the 16 large plots in Pisac were made to form the shape of partridge when viewing from above.
3. Bali, Indonesia
Located in the north of Tegallalang village, Bali’s terraced fields draw the large number of tourists annually due to its green hues and fragrant plants such as cloves and cinnamon. It also creates the distinct point of Bali from the other terraces.
4. Douro, Portugal
Situated in the north of Portugal, being not far from Porto-the capital of Portugal, Douro valley is one of the charming tourist attractions thank to its vineyards on the hillside with romantic views. During the harvest season, this valley is covered by the hues of ripe grapes and it is full of rosy color of ripe almonds in February and March.
5. Choquequirao, Peru
Besides Pisac, Peru also possesses another impressive terraced paddy, Choquequirao-meaning “Cradle of Gold”. This terraced field is located between the borders of Cuzco capital and Apurimac city. To visit this special field, visitors must ride by horse or walk and it may takes up to 4 days for arriving.
6. Machu Picchu
Discovered in 1911 by a historian-Hiram Bingham Hawaii,Machu Picchu is one of the most alluring and impressive ancient sites all over the world. Its terraces were built of stone blocks with thousands of steps and small paths linking to buildings, squares and cemeteries. Nowadays, Machu Picchu is not used for cultivating but it is still a captivating sites due to its unique and rare beauty.
7. Banaue, Philippines
Located in a mountainous village in the North of Luzon island, Banaue is one of the oldest terraces around the world. It is also widely known as one of the great architectural masterpiece and the site of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
8. Hani, China
Lying below the village next to the Ailao mountain of Yuanyang, Hani rice terraced field is considered as a tropical paradise captivating many tourists because of its stunning scenery. Annually, from December to March, that paddy is flooded but it still owns a bewitching beauty.
9. Longji, China
Stretching across the territory of Guilin, Longji, known as dragon backbone, was built about 500 years ago, during the Ming Dynasty. It is also known as a popular destination that visitors should not miss when traveling China.
10. Ollantaytambo, Peru
Being home to many attractive terraces, besides Pisac and Choquequirao, Peru also owns one more alluring terraced field-Ollantaytambo. This site is well-known for its impressive beauty and for the fact that it demonstrates the power and wisdom of the ancient.

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