I was working with one of my clients last week on how to get her message out to the world so that she could attract in the clients she would love to work with, and just as importantly, how to do it without having to invest a whole lot of money and time.

We had ascertained a couple of sessions earlier that her biggest strength, and one of the things she loved to do, was public speaking. And so I had suggested that she make some videos and put them onto YouTube especially since YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine after Google.

She loved the idea, but then, the questions popped up …… “where do I start?”, “how do I make a video”, and “what do I share?”.

So her first step was to find out how to actually make a video using her Mac. That she achieved really quickly with the help of a friend and the added bonus of learning how to load it up to YouTube and Vimeo. Brilliant, she was on her way.

What can I share with my target market?
And so now looking at how to achieve getting her message out into the world without spending unnecessary time and money was next on the agenda. So we talked about what to share on the videos. And this is where the re-purposing came in. She was just about to run a free teleseminar which meant she had at least 60 minutes of ready-to-go content at her fingertips that was perfect for her target market, but she hadn’t seen that yet.

We spent about 30 minutes breaking down that content into at least 9 short videos of really helpful tips and information for her target market, and she left the call feeling confident and excited about getting those done.

Her audience/target market is going to get some amazing golden nuggets for free, and she will be seen as an expert and/or “go to” person in her field. A win-win-win.

Why re-invent the wheel?
I guarantee you have plenty of material ready to go that you can re-purpose right now to use in your marketing. It could be anything from a book to a tweet, or from a tele-series to a 2 minute interview. It can all be re-purposed.

For the purposes of simplicity, I am going to use the teleseminar as an example here for you. So here are 10 ways you can re-purpose one piece of work, and use it as a way of marketing your services and products at absolutely no cost to you:

1. Create an e-book – take the information you have shared and turn it into an e-book and use it as a free giveaway on your website
2. Mini email series- break down the e-book into smaller chunks and send it out as a mini series or e-course to your list using an autoresponder service
3. Mini audio series/podcasting – break down the recording of your teleseminar into chunks and release it gradually to your list or as a free giveaway on your website.
4. YouTube videos – create short videos of 3 minutes or less using tips and information from the teleseminar. Use these as a mini series giveaway or individually as teasers
5. Article for a newsletter or e-zine – break down your teleseminar into chunks and you have created several helpful articles
6. Same goes for a blog – use those articles as blog posts on our blog or on as a guest on someone else’s blog
7. Post the articles on article directory sites - such as ezinearticles.com with a link back to your website
8. Facebook posts – pick out some of the highlights of your teleseminar and share as posts
9. Twitter – same as Facebook but shorter!
10. Linked In – same as Facebook

BONUS: search a site such as Twitter for a question that one of your blog posts or freebie answers and point them in that direction!

You can work this backwards too ie, if you have Tweets and Facebook posts you can put them together and create articles and blog posts which can then become an e-book and then a

So I encourage you to look in your document files, check out your Facebook and Twitter pages and get re-purposing – share your expert tips and build your list.

A bigger list means more potential clients.

Author's Bio: 

Sheela Masand was a co-founder and working partner of a multi million Euro business for over 12 years. Having worked through the struggle of how to find clients and make money in her own business, she now specializes in helping other heart-centred service professionals to do just that, all in a very authentic, non sales-y way.

Sheela can help you to attract more clients and make more money in a fun and authentic way. Visit www.sheelamasand.com to pick up a special free gift “Top 3 Secrets to Attracting Clients without Spending a Cent”.