If you are thinking about getting married or if you are already married, you should turn to God so that you can learn truly what being married means. You should do so to ensure that Christ is at the center of your bond between you and your spouse or future spouse.

Marriage is a permanent bound to your spouse, so it should be entered into with both seriousness and joy. It is a representation of Christ's love for His church - and just like that bond - your marriage should be a serious, lasting commitment. We are human, so remember that even if you love your spouse truly, bad things can happen within the marriage. If there is strife within your marriage, that doesn’t mean you should abandon it.

You must realize that there is no such thing as a fairy tale marriage - the real love you should have in a marriage is a deep, Christian love. It might not be perfect, but it is the love of God, of your partner, and of life. Life should be celebrated with your chosen partner, even when the going gets tough.

#11 - Proverbs 12:4
A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that makes ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.

As Christians, we should seek out virtuous people whenever we are looking for spouses. We want to add as many positive people to our lives as we can and it is especially important to find a virtuous person when choosing a spouse. You will want to both love and respect your partner in life – and it will be impossible to do so if they are a bad person. That’s why this verse in Proverbs says that a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband; if a wife if truly good, then she is something to be cherished publicly. If she is nothing but negative and sinful, she shames her husband. When you are looking for a serious partner in life, make sure you find one that shares the same love of God that you have.

#10 - Proverbs 18:22
Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the LORD.

Our Lord wants us to be married – to be united with another human being with His love, just as Jesus was united with the Church. If we are married or about to be married, we must be aware of the fact that we are very lucky. If you find someone that you can truly love and make a part of your Christian life, then you have found a great treasure. These men and women are NOT a dime a dozen. They are rare and special and should be treated as such. And if you marry the person you find, then you obtain even more of the Lord’s favor! He wants us to celebrate our love with marriage.

#9 - Ecclesiastes 9:9
Live joyfully with the wife whom you love all the days of the life of your vanity, which he has given you under the sun, all the days of your vanity: for that is your portion in this life, and in your labor which you take under the sun.

This touching verse from Ecclesiastes speaks of the joy that you can feel if you marry the right person. You will be able to live joyfully with the wife you truly love. This is why you should marry prudently and be faithful to the woman or man you choose to marry. A marriage is a union supported by our Lord; this is why we should take the selection of our spouses so seriously. We should love them, but we also need to consider whom we are going to be most happy with. Don’t make your decisions based on the pressures of others. Otherwise, you won’t be able to successfully fulfill your duties as a spouse.

#8 - Matthew 12:25
And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:

This is a verse from Matthew that we have heard often in our lives – but have you spent time to think about it, truly? Any kingdom that is divided against itself is brought to desolation. You should think of your marriage and household as a kingdom. Everyone in your family should work together, love each other and respect each other. If not, then the family will be lead to ruination. It is important to keep some parts of our lives free of drama, anger, jealousy and all of those negative feelings that are in the world. A marriage is a safe place to let your guard down and become more firmly united with your one partner in life. Keep it strong!

#7 - 2 Corinthians 6:14
Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion has light with darkness?

If we surround ourselves by unbelievers, then it becomes frighteningly easy to forget our faith. It is not because we are bad people, but it is in our nature to seek acceptance of our peers. If we decide to surround ourselves by negative influences, then it can only lead to our faith in Christ being tainted. This is why you should seek a life-long union full of light. If your spouse has similar beliefs, then it will be easy to grow in that faith. The love between a Christian husband and wife will grow faith – not hinder it.

#6 - Colossians 3:18
Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.

Although this verse in Colossians may seem sexist – remember this came from an earlier time! Our society has grown and changed since then, but the meaning of this verse still holds true. Wives should fully submit to their husbands (and the husbands should do so to their wives as well). All that this verse means is that you need to truly, deeply commit to the one that you are choosing to marry. If you do it without passion and with hesitation, then you will not be able to fully give yourself to your spouse. Once you do marry the person you choose, no matter how hard things may get, you should always remember to be respectful and loving. No matter how much you want to give into your negative emotions. A marriage will require strength, no matter if you are the husband or the wife.

#5 - Colossians 3:19
Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.

Although this is very simple advice taken from Colossians, it shouldn’t be ignored. Being able to truly love the person you are with can be difficult. Many people become bitter and resentful at their spouse because they are unable to live a life free of responsibilities. Although these situations are always very unfortunate, they shouldn’t happen. They are usually a result of a marriage that is unhappy at the very core. - or a marriage of two people who weren’t truly ready to commit to each other. This is why we must ALL seriously consider our actions when we are getting married. Do not rely on feeling alone – you need to think rationally when you are choosing a spouse. That way, you know you will be able to love your husband or wife and not be bitter against them.

#4 - 1 Timothy 5:14
I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.

It is good for young women in their prime to be married – whether they are single or widowed. This is because it is natural and good of a woman to create a family and make that her life purpose. Times have changed, as they always will, but it is still important to be part of a Christian family. It will keep you tied to your faith and hopefully it will help you grow in your faith. There are many women in the world who are proud to be wives and mothers – and it is right of them feel that way! Being a wife and mother can be the hardest job of all that requires a lot of dedication.

#3 - Hebrews 13:4
Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

This verse in Hebrews seems strict, but it should be adhered to. Marriage is a serious, sacred act. It should not be defiled by lust, adultery or other sin. God will judge those who abandon or defy their spouse. This is why it is of the utmost importance that a marriage should be entered into with the full knowledge of what it is. It is a lifelong partnership of two people who love each other, respect each other and have no intent of straying. This is why marriage is so hard for people to commit to – it means being only with one person for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, that is too hard for selfish people to handle. If you feel bitter at the thought of marriage, then you are not ready for it and you should meditate about what you truly want in life. God will help you find your path.

#2 - 1 Peter 3:1
Likewise, you wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;

No matter what day or age it is, this verse in Peter holds truth. Men are often seen as the head of the household and their wives should not attempt to usurp them. This does not mean that wives should be blindly obedient. Instead, we should consider this an order to be respectful of your spouse. Whether it is the man or woman bringing in the money and helping the household along, there should not be strong discord between the two. Instead, they should act as one and be in agreement. If there are disputes within the household, it should not be used as ammunition. Instead, these disputes should be worked through together and seen as room for growth in both the marriage and their faith in the Lord.

#1 - Ephesians 5:25
Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

This famous verse from Ephesians does a perfect job of explaining the love that should be at the center of every marriage. The love between and man and a woman should be modeled after the love Christ had for the church. His love was unconditional. It even lead to His death on a cross. We may never be able to be just like Christ, but we should try both in our day-to-day lives and in our marriage. Marriage is a serious, life-long decision but that does not mean it is not joyful. Marriage should be happy and full of love – a celebration of life with your chosen partner. God Bless and I pray that you all find happiness and contentment in life!

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