This is a most popular tour option for many tourists coming to Spain especially on a short trip. This discovery tour from Costa del Sol to Madrid offers great adventure within 2 days. One gets to pass through Granada and Toledo from Costa del Sol to Madrid while enjoying many ancient monuments such as the Moorish Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens.


The journey for this 2-day discovery tour starts from Costa del Sol to the first pit stop at the foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada which is Granada located right between Genil and Darro rivers.Granada was the last of the re-conquered cities in 1492 with a distinct Arab influence that impressed UNESCO to declare the Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens as World Heritage sites.

Toledo also holds many historical monuments such as fortified medieval buildings and walls that overlook the Tagus River. There are plenty of historical monuments to make it world famous for historical monuments. It is supposedly the hometown of the famous Spanish artist called El Greco; many of his works are on displayed here.

Special offerings

This tour option is very popular as it is not long which makes it delightful for those who do not have much time in Spain. These could be working executives who want to catch a glimpse of Spain in a couple of days in which they are free from work.

This 2-day tour itinerary has special offers and discounts if they were booked ahead or in a special group. The tour can be customized to a particular group if there were enough participants. The itinerary can be adjusted to suit the time frame of the tourists. All meals can be catered for depending on the preferences of the tourists. Luxury or comfortable hotels can be opted for better rests.

The tour can have additional stops depending on the tourists’ time and budget. There may be changes to the standard itinerary where more leisure time is preferred at Toledo and spanje vakantiehuizen to enjoy the ancient monuments or at Granada to appreciate the Alhambra.


Bookings for this tour can be made 48 hours prior to departure as this is a very popular tour option with tourists. This tour accepts the electronic voucher if the booking is made through the Internet. A local operator would make contact with the tourists who make the booking to confirm the tour booking. Details about the departure point and time would be confirmed. Hotel pickups and drop offs can be confirmed. The full cost of the booking must be made prior to the tour departure.

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