Africa has something to home for every one of the people visiting there. Africa, the second largest continent amongst the seven, has diverse landscapes along with the large range of animal kingdoms. Along with the diverse landscapes and exotic locations present in the continent, there are numerous locations that are arguably the best for the photographers as well.

Let us have a run down through the best locations across the continent which serve as the best locations for the photography lovers and tourists alike.

1) Table Mountain, South Africa

The Table Mountain is located in Cape Town, the lowest geographical point of the continent. The Table Mountain is also known for being the most photogenic place in the world. Cable car rides are available, which gives access to you for the best fantastic sunrises and romantic sunsets, along with the opportunities for great photographs. I bet you to limit yourself to snapping 60 pictures.

2) Mountain gorillas, Rwanda

If you are on a trip to Africa and you miss to visit Rwanda for the Mountain Gorillas, then your visit will not be worthy. Your single visit to Rwandan Rainforest along with the cute encounters with the Gorillas is such that you will cherish for a lifetime. There are various operators that run the tours that will make your appointment reserved with the Gorillas and their troupes in the dense rainforest.

3) Victoria Falls, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is considered to be one of the most majestic waterfalls in the world. It was first noticed by a European, Scotsman David Livingstone came to visit the place in the year 1855. Since its discovery, more than thousands have enjoyed the spray of the falls, coming from the 108-metre high cascade. Once it was also recorded to flow at the rate of 12,800 cubic meters per second, which was double of the Niagara's highest flow till date.

4) Sahara dunes, Morocco

The nation of Morocco is the friendliest and accessible region of the continent of Africa. You can trek with Berbers along the town of Zagora. Alternately, you can also camp out in Tazzarine where you will enjoy the week long marathon, Marathon des Sables. This event is held in every spring where runners compete from around the world. The Merzouga dunes are the best and ultimate location if you want to gaze at the clear sky for stars, without any disturbances.

5) Sphinx, Egypt

The Sphinx in Egypt is a colossal temple on the way to the Egypt's Valley Temple of King Chephren. The structure of the Sphinx is designed such that the body is of a lion and the head is constructed resembling that of a human. The length of the human head is 70 meters and has a height of 20 meters. It is as long as a six-storey apartment block.

6) Riding safari, Kenya

The riding safari is the best technical way to experience Kenya's beautiful zebras. You can do so that by riding on the back of the horse. The visitors can gallop along with the stripey beasts in Masai Mara, which covers up to 100 kilometers in one week.

7) Djmaa el Fna, Morocco

Djmaa el Fna in Morocco will remind you every moment that you are staying in the African continent. This is the world's most exciting town square which is located in the heart of old city of Marrakech. You would get to locate the date-sellers, henna-painters, storytellers, snake-charmers and orange-juice sellers in the scorching heat of the afternoon. As the night fall happens, there would be more of these such as drummers and dancers along with the delicious meats along with bread and salad in the food stalls.

8) Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia

The word Sossusvlei means "The Gathering Place for Water." However, you will not get a single drop of water, so you need to bring your own if you don't want to get dehydrated while you are on your visit. These dunes had accumulated and developed over millions of years when the Orange River used to flow to the Atlantic Ocean.

9) Spitzkoppe, Namibia

The Spitzkoppe has various granite peaks located in the Namibia's Namib desert, where the highest peak hits as high as 1,800 meters. The fun and entertainment activities in the area include cave camping and bouldering including the multi day safaris in the cooler days of the year.

10) Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Pyramids at Giza in Egypt was built by King Cheops around 2650 BC with 2.5 million blocks made of limestone. The Chephren Pyramid, built by his son is similar in size and is located at the entrance of the burial chamber.

11) Nyika Plateau National Park, Malawi

Nyika, the Malawi's largest National Park, is the one of the bizarre location in Africa. The plateau is cut by numerous rivers and water bodies that end up reaching the Malawi lake with the help of waterfalls located at the eastern edge of the mountains.

12) Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana

You can hear your own your heart beats and sound of blood flow in your body when you reach this area of Kalahari Desert. It is a forbidden landscaped formed by the huge lake, dried up many years ago. But when the rainfall happens, it again transforms in a lush green patch of land.

13) Draa Valley, Morocco

The Draa Valley lies in between the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Dunes. This will provide you with the most splendid and eye-pleasing landscapes. Draa, the area of extensive date plantations which is paused by the Kasbahs of red earth rising towards the sky. At the southern end of the valley is Zagora, which is a good base of luxury resorts and restaurants.

14) Mount Mulanje Massif, Malawi

At the height of the approximately 3,000 meters, the Mulanje Massif is the highest mountain in the Central Africa. It is bifurcated by the Fort Lister Gap, a pass eroded by the two rivers, Phalombe and Sombani. The mountain is distinguished by the large basins of gullies formed by the fast flowing streams. En route, you can also encounter voles, monkeys, and hares along with a large number of vibrant butterflies.

15) The Southern Cross, Zambia

The Southern Cross is the best place, possibly in the world if you want to see the night sky along with the sunset. Best seen from the Southern Hemisphere, you can also enjoy few open air safari in Luangwa in Zambia.

16) Lake Nakuru National Park

If you get to visit the Lake Nakuru National Park, you will get to see one of the Kenya's most unforgettable sights. The Park is home to more than a million Flamingoes. The lake has become the largest bird spectacle where you can find the pinkish hue flamingoes combining with the huge blue shaded sky along with the lake.

17) Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

The Southern Cross is an icing on the cake. This remote desert island in the Marine National Park is a 10-minute helicopter ride from Bazaruto Archipelago. You would also get a chance to see gigantic whales and active dolphins.

18) Rhinos at Solio Reserve, Kenya

The Solio Reserve is located in the valley between the slopes of the Aberdare Mountains and Mount Kenya. This is home to approximately 250 white and black rhinoceros. Also, this is considered to be the best place if you want to see these soon-to-be extinct species.

19) Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, is the Africa's highest peak, with a height of 5,895 meters. If you see the rainforest and alpine meadows, climbers and trekkers will find themselves reach the above the clouds.

20) Church of Saint George, Ethiopia

Made out of solid rock, St. George Church situated in Ethiopia is one of the wonders that existed in the medieval world. This was constructed by King Gebre Mesqel Lalibela, one of the last kings of the Zagwe dynasty. It is now a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Now when you are the master of your destiny, and you have known the best 20 places where you can't resist to snap, make sure that whenever you step down in Africa, you don't miss these places and get back home loads of memories.

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