written by Dave Hager

The film…goes straight for the destruction aspects and we are given over 2 1/2 hours of incredible special effects of a visual nature that you’re unlikely to see topped for a while….Don’t miss this one!


John Cusack
Amanda Peet
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Thandie Newton
Oliver Platt
Danny Glover

Written and Directed by Roland Emmerich

Rated PG-13

158 minutes

Columbia Pictures

Carl Anheuser: [about Laura Wilson] Cute girl, eh?
Adrian Helmsley: What are you talking about?
Carl Anheuser: That was the First Daughter you were staring at.
Adrian Helmsley: What? I wasn’t staring at her.
Carl Anheuser: Better make a move fast. The end is near.

If you haven’t heard about the doomsday predictions of 12/21/12 you will… I won’t go into the past accounts of this subject I’ve already written about here.

Suffice it to say the Mayan long count calendar reaches the end of its 25,800 year count on that date and it is the end of that calendar.

The film skims over that part and goes straight for the destruction aspects and we are given over 2 1/2 hours of incredible special effects of a visual nature that you’re unlikely to see topped for a while.

The science behind the event depicted is skimmed as well. The film takes its concept from the Crustal Displacement theory championed by Charles Hapgood and supported by Albert Einstein.

It is the theory that the thin crust of the earth can shift due to outside influences thus causing the crust to rotate around its core like a loose skinned orange peel.

I first read about this in the late 70’s. The book I read included such mysteries as how a baby wooly mammoth could be discovered in the Siberian arctic with undigested buttercups in its belly and have been so flash frozen that it could be thawed out and cut into chunks to feed the dogs. [Hey, it was early 20th century ... nothing was politically correct.]

But can you grasp how much instant cold is required to ‘flash freeze’ even a baby mammoth quickly enough to keep tropical plants intact in its belly?

And what was it doing eating tropical plants one second and being ‘flash frozen’ the next?

Another item, any kid who ever spun a rock tied to a rope around knows that the most force caused upon the rock is at the equator region. Every kid who ever carried a pail of water and twisted it around knows how the force causes the water to slop about trying to find a level again.

So why aren’t all mountains running east-west along the equator instead of southwest to northwest as they seem to be?

Imagine a ball spinning with a huge ice cap on top and bottom… why doesn’t the ball go all wobbly when the top ice cap melts? Unequal weight distribution would seem to indicate it must.

The polar north of our planet is melting very quickly and the South Pole has ice ranges miles deep over a solid continent… a lost continent. We know what’s causing the cap to melt now. Suppose in the past it occurred much more rapidly?

Hawaii was created by a ‘hot spot’ on the bottom of the crust just like Yellowstone. Is possessing a ‘hot spot’ common to ‘super volcanoes?

Imagine a globe with Hawaii at the North Pole. All the ice caps are over oceans, all the mountain ranges run east-west and the earth is in balance.

Now imagine a ‘super volcanic’ explosion that melts the northern ice cap in a flash. The South Pole now has a sub tropical continent beneath it, and the tropical plant munching mammoths are suddenly flash spun into the arctic regions.

The lower tips of both South America and South Africa come near to the continent of Antarctica… close enough to sail to and from when the land masses were all in the subtropical regions prior to the super volcanic explosion taking place over the north pole.

That’s why I’ve always since believed that Atlantis was under those miles of ice we call Antarctica. Stick a thumbtack into the island of Kauai and hang the globe by a string and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, back to the film. Emmerich loves to paint with a big brush and he has done so here. He says this is his last disaster film so he left nothing out.

It is a very good cast and they touch on some very human and important issues. The wankers the film was designed for won’t care about the moral questions asked, but they’ll love the action.

It is very entertaining, has very appealing people in it and I can’t wait for the Blu-ray edition to come out … there is a lot of behind the scene stories to be told here.

Don’t miss this one!

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