The year 2012 is a universal event and it has been credited with being the time of a great shift in consciousness for humanity. But are we really able to predict what will happen on 21st December 2012?

The Solstice on December 21, 2012 - precisely at 11:11 AM GMT - is purportedly the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar. Furthermore, it is thought to coincide with the end of a 26,000 year cycle and, perhaps, that of a greater (4 x 26000) 104,000 year cycle. These cycles relate both to movements of and within our Solar system as well as markers in the evolution of humanity. The end of one cycle is simply the beginning of another and unlikely to be the end of the world as we know it, despite the movie ?2012?.

Let us assume that 2012 will bring a great shift in consciousness, a time when man will move from the 3rd dimension to the 4th & 5th dimensions. In terms we might understand better, a move away from the very physical and materialistic plane of existence (3rd dimension), that we are living today, to a more caring and compassionate lifestyle (4th dimension) with a deeper connection to the higher planes of existence (5th dimension), the realms of the masters and angels.

But are we able to predict what will happen on 21st December 2012? I don?t think we can and I believe our uncertainty is because of humanity?s unique quality of ?free-will? and ?individual consciousness?. If 2012 is a ?shift in humanity?s consciousness? then that ?shift? will depend on the consciousness of the whole of the human race at that time. Will we be separate, selfish, warlike individuals, thus possibly negating any event in 2012 or making the consciousness of the planet even more negative and fearful? Or, will we be caring people, living in a group energy and looking after each other, the animal kingdom and the planet? I believe that the consciousness of humanity will determine the events. So, what will actually happen? I doubt if anyone truly knows.

I am sure there are some people who believe they know what it all means but the reality is that no-one knows exactly what the future has in store - their?s or anyone else?s. A psychic may see, for an individual or a group, trends and certain pathways that may be followed under the influence of personal motivation, family tradition or environment. But, what will actually happen is subject to so many choices and possibilities along the way that an accurate prediction is not possible.

One of the reasons that an accurate prediction is so difficult is the above mentioned ?free-will?. To go a little deeper, within each person there are 2 levels of consciousness. First, an individual consciousness which is connected to the physical planes of existence; this is the part of us that can be separate and allows us the free-will to say ?yes? or ?no?. Second, and balancing this aspect, we are part of a universal consciousness that is connected to ?G_d?, the Creator, or whatever ?name? you may choose for Divine consciousness. This is the ?un-manifested? part of the Divine and It cannot operate directly on the physical plane of existence, hence the reason it needs us to bring heaven to earth. We are the conduit that the higher self uses to express Itself, through love and compassion, on this physical plane.

In day-to day living, the individual consciousness may ensure that we make decisions that are appropriate for the Physical Plane of Existence. However, if we live solely within that physical plane, and with no connection to the universal consciousness, we will be lacking in love and compassion because our connection to the higher planes is naturally veiled by the physical and our own individual consciousness.

For those on the spiritual path, this is a very hard thing to witness, whether with a family member, friend or stranger. A person living by individual consciousness, solely for their own gain, to the detriment of anyone else and with no balance of universal consciousness, will eventually become trapped in a prison of separate consciousness, alone and unhappy. This way of living is very ?victim? and ?blame? orientated and the more a person lives like this the unhappier they generally become and, eventually, depression and other maladies may be the result.

What is so sad about this state of consciousness is that this way of living is something the individual has done to themselves. It is a path of their own making and they usually have no idea why they feel so unhappy and fearful. This state of consciousness can continue for years and even life-times but, eventually, because of the divine spark within every one of us, the human wakes up one day and states something like: “There has got to be more to life than this” - and then the search begins and a transformation of consciousness takes place. If they are really lucky, they find a place like the Kumara Centre and the transformation period is much reduced.

To go even further, this individual way of living is the ?me, me, me? scenario where there is no giving or sharing - just selfishness. Living this way, the person disconnects from the universal consciousness, which focuses on the group energy of sharing with peace and love. The universal consciousness is not an individual entity and Its connection or influence becomes very weak with any human who lives a totally selfish and physical life.

As the shift of consciousness will be entirely dependent on the individual consciousness of the world?s population of 6.8 billion people and how balanced this individual aspect is with the universal consciousness, I really am not sure what is going to happen. I have great hope for the future but I am realistic in the outlook. I feel we have to join together and work as a group energy to succeed in achieving the best result for humanity during this period. At this time, when the planet has descended into a consciousness of fear and separateness, through terrorism and fanatical religious belief, it is hard to image that we can bring opposing factions together so we can all start working together through each issue. I am not suggesting that we all go to the United Nations and put forward our views, for I don?t think that they are ready to listen just yet.

Nevertheless, if we could make a start with ourselves and look at our individual consciousness and be truthful regarding our thoughts of separation, we can start to shift the energy by shifting ourselves. If each of us, at the centre, can be brave enough to look within and then work together through group meditation, wisdom and spiritual practice, perhaps the little snowflake that is each person, may join with the next snowflake until eventually we become the avalanche that tips the scale of human compassion. I just hope that there will be enough human 'snowflakes' making and maintaining a connection to the universal consciousness of compassion and love so that the shift in 2012 is a positive event for the people of this planet and not a negative experience.

However, it is up to each individual to choose to do the work required and it will take some effort and discipline - this shift in consciousness requires us to do some work and self-transformation. It is up to us to maintain our meditation practice, even when we are busy. And, to stay away from the ?gossiping? and ?negativity? that are so prevalent within the individual consciousness. We can do this by being part of a group energy and working within that group to deepen the connection to the universal consciousness and the Beings of Light that are trying to help us to grow spiritually and make the year 2012 a great time for us all. We may not know exactly what is going to happen, but we can influence the result. Providing a space for these group meditations was one of the reasons the Kumara Centre was founded. We invite you to join one of our many group meditations and help us to make a difference.

Author's Bio: 

Liz McCaughey is the founder of Kumara Meditation & Healing Centre in Perth, Western Australia ( The centre offers deeper theosophical studies, meditation & healing, reiki, kabbalah and pranic healing. Since 2003 she has taught hundreds of people how to meditate from basic to advanced levels. Liz now focuses on teaching Pranic Healing and is a Direct Licensee for Western Australia for Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's Institute for Inner Studies based in Manila. Liz has a busy practice as an analytical psychotherapist and healing practitioner. She has a very practical approach to teaching and during her courses, she focuses on how her clients and students can take what they learn at Kumara and make it relevant to their every-day lives. This is particularly true of Liz's Metaphysical teachings, where no question about life goes unanswered. Liz organises many Free practice sessions for course graduates. This ensures that what has been learned is put into practical use. As a qualified psychotherapist, Liz appreciates how important it is that students are supported after their studies, and her professional training is evident throughout all of her courses. Liz is a trainer and practitioner of Pranic Healing in Australia and Hong Kong. She is also a mother, a successful business woman and has been fortunate enough to have been personally trained by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.