The World of Clix Galore Affiliate

This is an Australian based affiliate/CPA network. Clix Galore is the company that can provide you a large number of merchants to the affiliates. The programs they offer includes CPS, CPM, CPL, and the CPC, these grant the affiliates various methodS to give legal value to their websites and then build up excellent promotions. They are connected to a variety of known companies such as the Blockbuster, Reader's Digest and so on.

Clix Galore is a few of the networks in the CPA world. You can become a member by signing up as an affiliate or as a merchant where you can market your product or services. The process as a merchant is almost the same as to other networks. The payout structure needs to be set up to connect in the network and be able test the offer on the affiliate to know if it is working properly.

You will benefit more on Clix Galore with its 2tier affiliate program. You can earn a commission once you are able to refer the other affiliates to the network. This method can give you great profit especially if you learn how to be an internet marketer. Using the different kinds of marketing techniques online, such as article marketing, video marketing, blogging and more can be useful to introducing to their network. A few good affiliates can bring you to earn high commissions, this is on the 2-tier.

Setting up with the 2-tier payout, you could enjoy many offers in its structure. Joining this venture along with the other marketers and deliver this kind of offer to their audience, once they signed up to your link and you'll get paid for the sale made.

In Clix Galore, the population of their merchants is one of their strong points. By having nine thousand merchants, this site can give you a wide range of products and services you can market online. Most PPC Marketers can benefit because they are always testing new promotional products, although there is some risk because merchants are not well established. So take precautions with these kinds of merchants because they could stop running.

When it comes to the network, they offer strong statistics. There is a reporting tool that can give CTR, impressions; average forecast clicks the same as the total sales. This is somewhat the same with the other networks and it would be great to use a third party software program so you can track conversions. Research for the competitive keywords for better sales is essential and tracking networks can be hard and tricky.

The Clix Galore has its credibility and according to the affiliate report, they are on time when it comes to payments, the pay by cheque or direct payments, if you prefer to be paid to your paypal account. With the minimum balance of $50.00 and paid out monthly.

Again, I haven't had enough experience to comment fully on this program, on face value it seems good and there are lots of reviews and comments that this program works well. I will report back, when I have my own personal views of this program.

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