For those of you who are still apprehensive to get a flu shot, we wanted to give you 3 reasons why we think you should push forward and get your flu shot (or flu mist for those of you who don’t like needles). The flu shot will not, and cannot make you sick with the flu. The dead virus is….well…..dead, meaning it cannot act on your bodies immune system. Without further ado, here are 3 reasons to consider getting this year’s seasonal flu vaccine.

1. Each year 36,000 people die from the flu. You may be a healthy individual who is unlikely to experience death as a result of the flu, but chances are you know someone in a risk category who is more likely to see that outcome. This compromised group includes small children, adults over 60, and people with a compromised immune system just to name a few.

2. The U.S. economy loses $10 Billion due to loss of time worked and medical bills as a result of those who get the flu, and you bare the burden on a part of that. Think of getting your annual flu shot as an insurance policy against lost time and wages for yourself, and your company.

3. Lost time. You can never get back time spent over the holidays or on a winter vacation you may be planning due to illness.

Getting a flu shot is fast, easy, and available at the major retail pharmacies and big box retailers every day the hours the pharmacy is open. Invest in your personal flu insurance policy, and rest assured that you’re covered!

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