Motivation does not spring from an eternal source, even though it may well feel that way while riding on top of a wave of enthusiasm. To hit a low point is usually an anticlimax and is sometimes a little hard to shake off. If you are about to run out of motivation, and feel a strong kung-fu kick in the butt is all it takes to get you started again, it's a good idea to try some inspiration from a kung-fu legend before you go the painful way.

It is 40 years since Bruce Lee's sudden death on July 23, 1973, but somehow burn his flame still as bright as ever to motivate and inspire both young and old. Whether you are a martial arts enthusiast or an ordinary housewife or laborer, here are some timeless gems of Bruce Lee's wisdom to motivate you and give you an ease in your walk again.

Timeless Motivational Quotes from Bruce Lee:

"Water never gets rotten. So you just keep flowing."
Nothing makes you depressed as to stagnate, then get the energy up with a new hairstyle, spring cleaning of your home, driving a different route home. Change is as good as a holiday!

'Being' is more valuable than "doing".
Sometimes movement and chores exactly what wears on your "charisma". If so, you might try just to "be" for a while and shirk you all rush to do this and fix this and that, to find the value at the moment again.

"As you think, so you become."
Be aware of your thoughts, the thoughts are the seeds of acts; and actions create things and movement.

"If you really love life, so do not waste time, for time is what life is made of."

This straightforward elegance is what your mother nagged you about your whole life: "Stop wasting precious time," and soon your motivation begin to rise!

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With his incredible fighting style and his deep philosophies left till now kung-fu masters accept that he do master us with more than just his typical smart foot techniques and fast Kung-Fu chops to get us started and uplift our minds. He was more than just a legendary martial artist.

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Misty Jhones