This week I decided to take a trip to North Carolina to visit my mother. On my journey, I decided to stop at Wendy’s and grab a bite to eat. I ordered a double stack with cheese, paid the lady at the window, and drove off. As I bit into my burger, I noticed that it had pickles on it. I love pickles but they serve no purpose on my sandwich.

I started to get angry at the lady because she put pickles on my sandwich however; I realized she doesn’t know that I don’t like pickles. The only person that knew that was me. And I could have easily asked her to make my sandwich without pickles.

As I removed the pickles from my sandwich, I thought about how this relates to so many single women. They ask for a man, get a man, but are unsatisfied because he doesn’t have certain qualities.

Does this sound like you?

On my journey to attracting Mr. Right I have learned that there are 4 key components in attracting the love of your life.

1.Have a clear vision of your life with Mr. Right. On my journey to attracting Mr. Right I struggled so much with men because I didn’t have a vision for my relationship. I didn’t know whether I wanted to have kids, be in a relationship, or get married and grow old together. The only thing that I knew was that I wanted to be with a man. Because I wasn’t clear, I attracted just that…a man.

2.Ask. You are constantly asking for the types of people that show up in your life by your words and your thoughts. Be very careful of what you are saying constantly.

3.Take action. Sometimes I wish that the things we ask for would just show up on our doorstep. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. There has to be some action on your part whether it comes from online dating, going to single events, or just getting out of the house.

4.Be open to receive. Often times we hinder our blessings because we aren’t open to receiving them. We expect them to show up in a certain form and if it’s not in that form we don’t want it. So if this week someone asks you for lunch or just to do something spontaneous...Go!

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