A large percentage of the male populace gets bald sooner or later. At what age it will occur, only genetics can tell. But when that time comes, there is nothing much one can do to stop it. A lot of methods and techniques have been designed to address hair loss, yet the best approach seems to be overshadowed by commercial products and surgical procedures. Embracing it. Simply accept the fact that your appearance will slightly change and that you will look a bit different or quite distinct.

Truth be told, hair loss was never an issue until the medicine world came up with ¡®cures¡¯ and ¡®solutions¡¯ aimed to provide men to temporarily hold on to their hair or whatever was left of it. Balding among men is but a natural phenomenon. Remember, you are not an exception but probably a part of the majority. You may opt to shed hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to finance your battle against hair loss. Unfortunately, genetics will prove to be a formidable foe.

The onset of hair loss is certainly discouraging, particularly when your dad and your uncles are living proof of how great the power of genetics can be. Facing such force may appear to be a lost cause, and possibly, you may have just enlisted yourself to fight a losing battle. But still it is not the end of the world. Do not think that your life will be ruined because of hair loss. If you are not comfortable with your hair thinning, you can actually hide the bald spots with proper hairstyles. Yes, hairstyles!

First Tip:

Cut it short and neat. Long hair with patches is an eye sore. You may choose to use clippers and do it yourself, or you can visit your local barbershop and let the expert do what he does best.

Second Tip:

Comb-over or sweeping strands of hair in an attempt to cover the balding area. Some people may think that this is not an alternative worth mentioning. Deny it all you want, but some men do prefer this option. Ever seen Donald Trump? Yeah, he personifies this particular look. He was even caught saying that if he is going bald, he is going bald swinging. Talk about confidence!

Third Tip:

Wigs and toupees. If you are going to use these accessories, invest in a good one, a wig or toupee that looks natural (not one that looks like a dead possum). If you purchased one that tends to look fake ( majority of the wigs and toupees do look fake), you are drawing more attention to the fact that you are shedding.

Fourth Tip:

Shaving one¡¯s head. For some this is rather liberating but for others this may be a tad bit radical. Think of it this way, if smoking is your problem then you should get rid of the cigarette. Same applies with balding and hair loss. If you are having difficulties hiding your head patches, why not let yourself be bald? Letting go is genuinely hard, but it is better than forever living in fear of being bald.

It has been said that bald men are sexy. Actually, it is not the hair loss or the lack of hair that is sexy, it is the confidence being exuded by the individual. A person who is comfortable in his own skin and one who is not afraid of what others may think or say is rather appealing. Bear in mind that personality trumps any hairstyle hands down. If you are confident, the hairstyle is just an enhancement to the whole package. And any apprehension you have about hair loss will be a thing of the past.

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Darren is an online medical researcher and webmaster of Hair Loss Treatment. You may be interested in: "Hair Science" and "5 Effective Hair Loss Solutions".