It’s a common experience to feel a lack of sexual confidence around women. When you’re not sure what to do to satisfy her, you’ll end up projecting a nervous attitude towards sex.

But while lots of guys experience some form of anxiety you CANNOT let this affect your performance in the bedroom. It’s important to understand what pleases women and then DO it. Only then will you be able to display an unstoppable amount of sexual confidence.

In this article, I discuss a few simple techniques you can use to build your sexual confidence and become the best lover your woman’s ever had. Let’s get started…

Tip #1- Maintain a relaxed attitude

The quickest way to become anxious about sex is to get all “worked up” before doing in the deed. When you act this way, you’ll end up making her share these nervous feelings. As a result, she’ll be turned off by your low self-esteem.

Instead of being nervous about sex, you should remind yourself that it’s a completely natural part of relationship. Even if something bad happens, learn to roll with the punches and maintain composure. In other words, stay RELAXED!

Tip #2- Understand sexuality

One of the best ways to become a sexually confident guy is to understand what really pleases a woman. If you understand how to give women pleasure then you’ll discover it’s easy to be a great lover.

The best way to do this is experiment with the following

* Oral sex

* Locating the G-Spot

* Teasing and being seductive

* Building anticipation for “the main event”

Tip #3- Delay your gratification

As you’ve probably realize, your sexual confidence stems from being able to please a woman. When you can please a woman any time and any place, you’ll project an authoritative aura to those around you.

And one of the best ways to demonstrate this quality is to delay your own pleasure during sex. If you provide multiple orgasms to a woman before worrying taking care of yourself, you’ll transform into a seductive lover.

Tip #4- Be aggressive not timid

Many guys have low self esteem in the bedroom because they’re afraid to take initiative. Believe me- Women WANT you to take control when you’re in the bedroom.

Once you understand how to give women pleasure, be the one to be aggressive and give her what she wants. Women are turned on by many things. Primarily, they LOVE a guy who acts like he can barely control himself when being intimate.

Tip #5- Understand her needs

Women are strange creatures. While you might encounter some that know what they want, most women won’t provide a clue about their needs. So it’s up to you to do some exploration and figure out what pleases her.

By experimenting with various techniques, you’ll eventually encounter the things which drive her crazy with passion. Then it’s up to you to give this every time you have sex.

Sexual confidence comes down to understanding women and being able to discover what pleases them. If you follow the five steps I discussed in this article, then you’ll be on your way towards becoming her best lover!

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