Bygone are the days when video games were the things of 10 or 12 year-olds. With the recent survey conducted, it has been suggested that video games are being played and enjoyed by more than 67 percent American adults and hence, are no longer exclusive domain of children. Well, is it a good thing? Let us find out!

While the annoyed parents think that video games are the cause of the spread of violence around and effect the eyes and brains of the gamers, contrarily, video games have been seriously suggested to provide positive impacts over the players.
A ton of studies and researches have been done on the subject and it was revealed that video games are essentially more than the time suck for the kids who don’t want to finish their homework. Here’s why!

Positive Impacts of Gaming on Our Health:

Whether you like to play “Call of Duty” or “Brawl Stars Apk”,video games are definitely going to improve your health, beyond providing entertainment and a worthy time pass sport. Wondering how? Check out the top benefits of playing video games below:

1: Video Games are Beneficial for People with Chronic Illnesses:

If you are suffering from a chronic illness like depression, autism, Parkinson’s disease, dyslexia or neural neuropathy, there’s good news for you.
According to the study conducted by The University of Utah last year, it was revealed that certain games have really a positive impact over these illnesses and can be beneficial to treat them. Researchers found that the ability of games to activate the neurons, stimulate the thinking and power the brain helps the gamers to improve their behaviors.

2: Video Games Provide Pain Relief:

Video games are indeed a sigh of relief for the patients who are in pain – either emotionally or physically. A game developed by the Psychologist at The University of Washington called “Snow World” helps the patients to get a distraction from their immense pain.
The game is actually a fantasy game putting the patients into the arctic wonderland featuring great sceneries and environment. The game also helped the soldiers at Military Hospitals to heal fast and quick as compared to nom- players.

3: Video Games Improve Your Decision Making Skills:

As in gaming, the players are likely to make decisions in the split seconds that can mean the difference in the virtual life and virtual death. This helps the gamers in the real world as well.
According to the neurologists at the University of Rochester in New York found that the game players’ brains are practiced at making blunt decisions comparatively.

4: Video Games Keeps You Happy in Old Age:

Researchers from the North Carolina State University conducted an experiment on a group of the aging population to see a link of video games over emotions and found the positive impact on mental well-being and happiness.
According to the report, “Those who did not play video games reported more negative emotions" and those people are more likely to be depressed. They are still unable to find the theory behind the fact, however, the perk is there!

5: Video Games Might Curb Cravings:

Players who are in the habit of smoking, overeating, drinking or drug abuse might be best served with the video games addiction. A university study revealed that playing a puzzle game will reduce the desire or craving to 24 percent.

Plenty of studies showed that games can limit the physical activity of the players and might offer the adverse effects on the children. However, the above studies touted the health benefits of gaming. So, it’s the time to play more video games while improving your whole health.

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Edna Francis is a health and wellness writer based out of Los Angeles. She graduated from New York University with a degree in journalism and psychology. When she’s not writing, doing yoga, or exploring mountains and beaches. She also has a deep passion for singing and performed at the National level.