Do you know that you are an amazing woman who deserves love and a man that is going to treat you like the queen that you are? What I find so disturbing sometimes is that there are single women who deserve to be in a healthy fulfilling relationship with their ideal mate however they self-sabotage everything. Is that you?

The more I meet and work with single women, I have realized that some of these women aren’t even aware that they are sabotaging Mr. Right from coming in their lives. It’s like having a bad habit that you picked up and aren’t aware that you have it until someone points it out.

Through my journey of attracting Mr. Right, there are 5 major self-sabotaging behaviors that can hinder Mr. Right from coming into your life. They are:

Being jealous of other people’s relationships. Jealousy is a behavior that I once had myself on my journey to attracting Mr. Right. I was so jealous of others that were in committed relationships or women who had children. I wanted a family.

Anytime you’re jealous of someone else’s relationship there are two things that are going on. There is a spiritual aspect and a self-worth aspect of being jealous.

When you’re jealous what you’re saying to God/Universe is, “ I don’t believe that you can bless me with that.”

“I don’t believe that you can give me a family and a man that is going to love and support me.”

In addition, to not having faith that God/Universe can give you a fulfilling relationship also deep down inside you believe that you’re unworthy of having it. You believe that you don’t deserve it.

One way to overcome being jealous of others is to know that you are worthy. You are worthy of having everything your heart desires and you deserve it.

The next time you see a couple that you admire or a family, bless them. Ask God/Universe to bless their relationship or their family.

Being unapproachable. I recently spoke with a young woman and she discussed with me how men always tell her that she is unapproachable. Well, men only approach women who are approachable. So the next time that you’re out soften up. Uncross your arms, put a smile on your face, and have pleasant thoughts.

You think that you’re unworthy. If deep down you believe that you’re unworthy of having a healthy relationship with Mr. Right then you’re actions are going to follow how you feel. You may self-sabotage any chance of a man being attracted to you by speaking lowly of yourself, wrongful accusations, or just being withdrawn.

Lack of confidence in yourself. Confidence is sexy! When you don’t believe in yourself then you’re not going to be able to go out, mingle, and have conversations with men. You’re also going to attract men who may prey on women who lack confidence in themselves.

Following the advice of other women who have men problems or single. It amazes me that there are so many women who have men problems who love giving advice. That is great that they give advice but is it going to help you have the relationship that you desire. I have learned to only listen to people who have what I want.

Mr. Right Attraction Assignment

1.What self-sabotaging behavior do you currently have?
2.Why do you think that you self-sabotage any efforts of attracting Mr. Right?
3.What steps are you going to take to remove the self-sabotaging behavior that you have that are hindering you from attracting Mr. Right?

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Erica Johnson, the Mr. Right Attraction Mentor, helps single women who struggle with dating, confidence, and attracting that special someone who are ready to be in a fulfilling relationship with their ideal mate. To download Erica’s free e-book “How to Attract Mr. Right..Starting Now!” and receive weekly Mr. Right Attraction tips and tools visit