Stress is a part of life but it is essential that you keep the stress levels under control if you want to live a fully functional and healthy life. A lot of people tend to turn towards anxiety reducing drugs. But dealing with stress by using drugs is not the best option as drugs have side effects and they can often lead to bigger problems. It is not wise to risk health when are better and healthier ways for stress management.

Here are some of the stress management techniques that can help you in leading a better life.

Talking to Someone:

One of the biggest reasons for high-stress levels. If you are going through something difficult at work or at home then you should not keep your problems just to yourself because if you do that the tension will keep on building and it can have a negative effect on your life. Make sure that you talk to a friend or a family member that you are close to. If you do not think that you can talk to them then you can also seek help from a professional therapist. There are a lot of places such as batterhelp online therapy where professionals can offer assistance and allow you share their feelings, fears, and problems.


Writing is an excellent stress reliever as it allows you to share whatever you are feeling. You can write a diary and it will prove to be an excellent tool for catharsis. Writing a diary is the best way of sharing all your feelings and emotions especially if you are not comfortable with sharing your personal problems with other people. The daily writing helps in relieving stress every day and it keeps your mind relaxed and happy.

Spend Time to Your Favorite Things:

When you are stressed you feel a heavy weight on your shoulders and you feel like you do not have time or energy to do something that could make you relaxed and happy. You should figure out what makes you happy and then make time for that activity on daily basis. You can choose any activity such as reading, gardening, arts, craft or any sports. It will help in taking your mind off from the stress and will help in relaxing.


It is one of the most effective methods for not just relieving mental but also physical stress. You should try to dedicate at least half an hour to meditation on daily basis and you will find yourself mentally and physically refreshed. There are a lot of meditation practices that can help you so you can manage your stress level.


A regular exercising is also an excellent tool for stress management. You can choose any exercise routine that suits your lifestyle and you can easily fit it into your daily routine. You can find relief in everyday activities like housecleaning as well. If you are mentally stressed then you should try breathing exercises. There are also muscle relaxation techniques that you can follow to release the tension in your muscles. There are certain techniques such as yoga, qi gong and tai chi that are a combination of exercise and meditation.

These are some of the best techniques that can help in making your life stress free and make it more enjoyable.

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