Just like your body needs exercise to stay fit and healthy, the brain also needs it to stay fresh. Brain is not static and it has the ability to adapt to different situations all the time. But if you want it to stay creative and fresh then you have to train it with the help of some brain exercises. One of the best exercises for brain is meditation.

There are so many different ways of meditating. You can choose the type which suits you the most and practice it every day. The brain will show positive changes with the help of meditation and stay healthy. With the help of modern technology, it has been proved that meditation has remarkable effects on the brain. Meditation affects each and every part of the brain.

Here are some of the ways that meditation changes the brain.

Increasing the Gray Matter:

Meditation is known to increase the amount of gray matter. It is extremely good for the brain. The larger the gray matter is, the healthier and happier the brain will be. It helps in increasing the grey matter in all of the key parts of the brain. The anterior cingulate cortex is the part of the brain, which is responsible for self-regulatory processes such as monitoring conflicts of attention and cognitive flexibility. Meditation improves all these abilities as there is an increase in gray matter.

Meditation is also helpful in improving the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for important and crucial functions such as problem solving, planning and regulating the emotions. When the gray matter increases in this area all of these functions improve.

Hippocampus is also affected by meditation. The cortical thickness of the area increases. It is an area which controls memory and learning. This part of the brain often gets stressed and is highly susceptible to disorders caused by stress. It can also become the victim of PTSD. Mediation helps in relaxing this part of the brain.

Positive Changes in Amygdala:

The Amygdala is the part of the brain which controls the fight or flight center of the brain. It controls the anxiety as well. Meditation is good for this part of the brain because it decreases the volume of the brain cells. The exercise strengthens the part of the brain and improves the functions of brain. You will find easy to concentrate and stay attentive.

Enhance the Creativity:

With the help of technology people are finding better ways of using mediation to reap all the best effects. There are certain meditations such as brainwave meditation, which helps in focusing on ways to get the best results and keeping the brain healthy and fresh. As the brain becomes more relaxed, it also improves the adaptability of the brain. It helps in performing better and completing the tasks in a better way.

Become a better Person:

Researchers have found that meditation helps in improving the character as well as it increases empathy and compassion. Regular meditation improves amygdala, which is the part which deals with the emotions. This part of the brain become really active during the meditation. The activation level increases and results in improving character as the levels of empathy increases.

Improving the “Me” Center of the Brain:

It is a part of the brain, which is known as a default mode network. It is active as the minds are directionless. They move from one though to another. Meditation helps because it is good for creating a routine for the brain and prevent mindless wandering. It is helpful in allowing the brain to realize the realities and become more aware of the surroundings. It helps in indulging in healthy activities and become less judgmental. It reduces the activity and makes the mind less reactive, which decreases stress and keeps the mind healthy.

Meditation changes the brain in different ways. The impacts of this exercise are positive and extremely helpful in maintaining a healthy and fresh mind. But you have to practice meditation daily if you want to see all the positive effects.

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