Setting up a wireless home network is very simple today. You only need to get a wireless router, connect the net port to your high speed modem and set this on the PC.
There is however a problem with the Wi-Fi signals that merely has a limited range. The actual wireless signal strength will degrade as the distance between the router and the laptop and when your house has brick walls makes it perhaps weaker signal or if perhaps the equipment is located over a different floor towards the router.
But the good news is there are ways to increase the WiFi signal strength, there are several you need to buy fresh hardware and computer diagnostics online tools , install these computer software on your PC , or come up with a trick at home. Thus read on and find out.
1. Most wireless routers are omni-directional wireless signals emitted in all directions (being a light bulb).
That's good if the router is put in a central location, but if the router is in a large part of your room or even against a walls, consider adding a selfmade reflector behind the antenna of your router plus the following picture.
2. You can install computer software which can help detect the actual presence and strength of wireless networks. Install it on your laptop, now you just need to go walking around the house with your laptop to determine wireless signal strength from different places in your home and also, based on this information, you will find a more suitable location for the router.
3. Another way to increase wireless signal strength is to place the modem in a high place in a central location away from other wireless units. Make sure the router is just not near anything steel (like the bars on the windows) as this weakens the particular wireless signals. Steer clear of mirrors that can echo wireless signals outside of the desired direction.
4. You can connect a WiFi repeater (often known as Wireless Range Expander) for your router, this speedily expanded the coverage of the wireless network without the need for wires.
The repeater must be placed within range of your existing router to reflect the signals to other areas where wireless reception was poor just before (or completely gone). The repeater can link wirelessly to both routers and access points.
5. If you have a PC or laptop traveling, you might consider adding an external wireless adapter (USB variety) or update the interior network card to improve wireless reception (and therefore speed Internet). Usually take note to computer maintenance tools to make sure that your personal computer registry is clean in order to avoid slow computer connection.

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