The Kitchen is a very powerful place, feng shui-wise. It is the heart of the home. Like your heart, it is deserves special care for optimal health. Does your Kitchen delight the senses? Or it is usually an eyesore?

The kitchen will positively affect the part of your life and your body it relates to when :

1. The kitchen counter surfaces are primarily clear and ready to allow you to prepare yummy, healthy meals. Even if you eat out nearly all the time. You’ll want some beautiful, colorful, bountiful feeling art, accessories, or even just bowls of real fruit. A healthy plant or two.

What you don’t want are counters so stuffed with occasionally used appliances and stacks of papers that it is impossible to use the kitchen without clearing a space first.

2. Ideally, knives are kept in drawers. Yes, they probably came in a beautiful counter top knife block, but it is not good feng shui to have knives so easily accessible, especially if there are children in the house. And even if they aren’t. Williams Sonoma has in-drawer knife blocks.

3. Your kitchen will have two, three, or four drains. Drains can drain your finances, your physical health, your aspirations to travel, clog your sinuses, and otherwise wreak havoc, depending on the kitchen location in relation to the feng shui grid.

Ideally, you keep all those drains closed unless you’re using them. In reality, that can be a real hassle. Which isn’t good feng shui either.

You can energetically keep your drains closed with kitchen sink strainers.

4. Can you see the front of your refrigerator? Or it is covered with photos, kid art, exercise class schedules, calorie/fat charts, coupons, and a horde of marauding magnets?

It is good feng shui to display your child’s art. It’s even good feng shui to do so on your refrigerator. However, not willy nilly and not in the midst of all that other stuff. If you are honoring your child’s artistic endeavors, honor it. Display it clearly.

Photos of people who love and support you, depicting fun vacations and personal celebrations are great for the refrigerator door. Create a pleasing composition of items with the door as the canvas.

Tape exercise class schedules to the INSIDE of a cabinet door. Ditto calorie/fat counters. They are handy but don’t nag you, there.

5. Out of sight is not out of mind in feng shui, so if your kitchen cabinets are stuffed with appliances, containers, multiple sets of china, and even food you haven’t used in over a year, it’s time for some clutter clearing.
Cleared out cabinets frees your creativity and your respiratory system if that is the part of the grid where your kitchen lies. If it is in your Relationship area, cleared cabinets help you clear out your emotional baggage and be fully present with your sweetie.

The basic question to guide your Kitchen Feng Shui is this: Does your Kitchen delight your senses … or not?

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