What is the definition of success? Is it breaking even or making a sizable profit after twelve months? Do we put so much into the end result that what gets us there ceases to matter?

Success starts in allowing yourself to dig deep to identify what you need to do to get you where you want to go. It is having the courage to be honest enough to yourself to know that there are no limitations as to how successful you can be.

The result is not in the answers provided; it is in asking the questions. Use the following five tips to help you establish a foundation to gain the success that awaits you.

1. Focus On What You Want
Be decisive and clear on where you are headed. As the saying goes, what you focus on is what you get. When you deter so will your goals. Create a reason, such as what that goal will give you, to stay focused particularly when life happens.

2. Go The Extra Mile
There are competitors in every industry and in every role. Don’t be afraid to make a little bit of extra effort for the prospective customer. Provide an add-value gift; provide a follow up email or phone call. They will notice and this is a wonderful thing to be known for.

3. Have Fun
When you dread what you have to do procrastination is usually what follows. Have fun with the challenges that you have. Give yourself fun rewards for each step you take and approach such things as cold calls with an attitude of lightness. The more you do this the easier it will be and best part is, the person on the other end of the phone will notice.

4. Know Your Limitations
We bask in what are strengths are but tend to deny what our limitations (weaknesses) are. Limitations are not always a bad thing. Instead of thinking that you are less because of your limitations, consider how you can use them to your advantage. Make a list of your top five limitations and beside them write how you can use them to help grow your business. For example – a lack of consistent focus can mean a short attention span so multi-skill and have tight time frames.

5. Never Give Up

It will get hard. It will get frustrating. But it will also get better and more exciting. Create an affirmation that resonates with you as to why you have your business and what the motivating factor is. So, on a tough day where you receive rejection after rejection and your clients cancel, postpone or reschedule, refer to this affirmation. Savour the moment to feel and think about the importance of what you are doing.

The biggest secret of all is ACTION. When you fear what you can’t control and what may or may not happen you create distractions to what is really important – your success.

Embrace your business completely and seriously with passion and determination.

Isn’t it about time you focused on your success?

Author's Bio: 

As the founder of Creative Balance, Hally Rhiannon-Nammu has acquired many years experience in management and senior roles in SMB and large organisations. Hally has experience in a variety of industries including entertainment, real estate, retail, information technology, sales and marketing specializing in re-engineering systems holistically and departmentally as well as delivering advanced skills in enhancing performance, implementing behavioural and cultural change.

Hally has qualifications in Finance, Human Resources and Administration including her Post Graduate Certificate in Management, Master of Arts, NLP, Performance/Life Coaching and trained consultant in Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling. Hally also has acquired her accreditation as a Fitness Instructor, Reiki Master, Time Line Therapist, Musician, is a Justice of the Peace and a published author.

Contact Hally to discuss what she can do for you: hally@creativebalance.com.au