Staying healthy is the goal of most people. As I look at our healthcare system, it has never been as important as it is today to be proactive in staying healthy.

Between the expense healthcare and medication, the threat to your financial stability and the questionable "scientific" data that supports that taking a million, kazillion (I know this is not a valid term) drugs is acceptable, I'd say one had better do everything possible to maintain their health as naturally and as cost effectively as possible.

Did you know that there is a definite mind-body connection and that stress is related to the reason for 75-90% of all primary care visits to physicians? Actually, I could have told you this without any fancy statistics.

It just plain makes intuitive sense. When you are angry and upset, notice how your body feels. Notice how much more difficult it is to concentrate. Then notice how you feel when you are joyful and happy.

In fact, have your blood pressure checked as you blow a fuse. Have it checked when you are in a relaxed state. It is likely that it will be high with anger and normal to low when relaxed. A relaxed state is a healthy state. I want to pick on worry in this blog post today though, because it is so epidemic.

I had the clerk in my neighborhood grocery store yesterday, tell me in definite "I will not change my mind terms" that there were "no jobs" available for her son to obtain in all of the United States, and that he would have to leave the country to find a job in his field.

Unless he made horse and buggies or telegraph/typewriters, - you know, something we don't even use anymore - I doubt that her statement is true.

Yet, she obviously looked worry and upset as I discerned her energy and noticed the contorted expression on her face. I'm going to give you 7 reasons why you don't want to go there. Worry is essentially faith for what you DON'T want. Simple as that.

It hasn't happened, the person is just imagining it to be happening or is expecting (faith) that it will happen. Why not expect the best? Or at least remain neutral. In a nutshell, people generally worry because we are conditioned to do so.

As a world, we have so trained our brain to live in fear and expecting the next disaster that our nervous system is always on alert to "fight, flight or freeze". This is what the stress response is.

Yet, we are capable of undoing this "hypnosis" on ourselves and rewiring and retraining our brains to come from a more uplifting space. Our brain is meant to serve us and does not judge the data you, your consciousness and intellect, feeds it. You must filter the facts that you see and come up with your own interpretation that forms your perception.

So, here are 7 reasons why you want to give up worrying and convert to becoming more of an optimist instead of a worrywart. Worry is dangerous to your health. Worry triggers the stress response, and here are seven (there are many others) side effects of stress:

1. Weakened immune system

2. Cancer

3. Heart Disease

4. Hypertension

5. Loss of concentration

6. Alzheimer's Disease/Other brain cell damage

7. Weight gain

I didn't even mention anxiety and when this gets severe enough, even issues like depression can arise. I think you get the point here.

There are simple ways to learn how to operate your amazing supercomputer, the brain and mind, while also at the same time getting back in touch with who you really are at your core, your Authentic Self. This is the path to staying healthy and true empowerment. Empowering your health begins from inside out. Any comments?

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