Roy McDonald's Seven Year Plan
I have created a seven year plan, which has at its foundation, very deep, strong beliefs that build a very solid structure leading to the long-term financial success I believe you desire and deserve.
We must move towards the fundamentals of financial success, and have an understanding of what the process is all about.
If we look at financial success, it’s very simple and is based, like all great things, on very simple technologies.
For instance, every great piece of music was created from just seven notes and variations between those seven notes.
How they are mixed is what creates the masterpiece. All great paintings are made up of three basic colours and the tiny variations between them. Every great book written in the English language came from the 26 letters in the alphabet and a few thousand words carefully organised.
There are 30,000 diet books on the market right now, but you could boil those 30,000 books down to six basic diet plans, and then you could boil those six basic plans down to three fundamentals, which are:
• Right attitude
• Right nutrition
• Right exercise.
We can also simplify financial success. Let’s focus on the 80/20 rule - the ‘Pareto Principle’ -discovered a few hundred years ago. It simply says that 80 percent of what we do only produces 20 per cent of the result.
Obviously, that’s a very important result and it is only a very small part In my opinion, however, our effectiveness is really restricted to 20 per cent of what we do, which produces a total of 80 per cent of our overall results.
We must focus on doing the most effective work -identified in the 20 percent band -to produce the 80 percent result, and putting 100 percent effort into that 20 percent.
Looking after financial success is contingent upon sound time management. I believe time management can be simplified to one basic rule -you've got to procrastinate.
Now, I know that sounds outrageous yet, if you could procrastinate and stop doing 80 percent of your work to get 20 percent outcome -and, instead, spend your time focusing on the 20 percent effective work time-you would be much better off in all areas of your life.
An important strategy for success in this area is to have well -focused goals.
I have spent most of my life working on goals and believe I have a very good understanding of how to achieve them, because I get consistent results.
What I have learned, however, is that goals are only a beginning, and in fact are an outcome we wish to achieve.
What is more important is to have intention, and what is more important than intention is purpose.
If you have absolute purpose in your life, intention follows very simply and goals always fill the space, to deliver the purpose.
This is the important question always to ask yourself: ‘Is what I am doing now moving me towards my goals?’
If the answer is ‘yes’ you continue, if the answer is ‘no’ you stop.
Most people believe the fundamental secret to financial freedom is achieving riches in your life, and to do that all you need to do is become financially free—in other words, have enough money.
Would that be right? My belief is that’s actually not true. In fact, I’ve observed this for many years and I’ve dealt with literally thousands of clients and discovered that they often increased their
Income and did not necessarily become any happier. In fact, they appeared to need evenmore money as time went on -

Then work back wards to see the steps that are required in the years in between; from then till now.
You will never have any challenges with filling in what you need to do if you know where you are going.
If you would like to print the seven year plan, go to
If you do download the form, you can type your responses directly into the document.
What is important is that you fill this in. When we work with clients over seven years, we have
our seven year plan which is designed to take their plan even further.
By way of a guide, you may wish to note the major aspects of our seven year plan, which are as follows:
• Your dreams, your destiny—decisions and goal setting
• How to get what you really want—pain, pleasure and mental state
• The power to create and the power to destroy beliefs
• Questions are the answer—are you asking the right questions?
• Change is inevitable, growth is optional—the signs of successful conditioning

• The language of success—the power of transformational language and the use of metaphors
• How to use your action signals—emotions
• The ten day mental challenge—the mental challenge and the mastery system of evaluation
• Your personal compass—values and rules
• The key to an expanded life—your identity and references
• Putting it all together—health, wealth and happiness through optimum state, financial freedom, empowering relationships, vitality and well-being, time management, a code of conduct and connected spirit.

The ultimate gift is a contribution to others.
Four Traits of Highly Effective People.
There are four things that highly effective people do, which allow for their lives to be full and happy.
1. They love what they do and have passion. If they weren’t making money, they would probably be tempted to do it for free.
2. Their daily activities are extremely important to them, so their values are the foundation of their existence and success.
3. They are talented at what they do. They have ability and their ability makes them one of the best in the area of activity in which they are involved.
4. They have a sense of destiny—that what they are doing is what they were born to do. They are making a unique contribution—it is almost a spiritual thing. They are ‘on purpose’ in what they are doing.
Questions to Ask Yourself.
Take some time out to consider where you currently are with your work, roles and family.

Author's Bio: 

For the past 43 years, Roy McDonald has been searching out, creating, and pioneering some of the best strategies for creating wealth and success in people’s lives. He is the founder and CEO of OneLife International.

As an educator, author, business coach, and strategic planner, Roy McDonald is a hands-on wealth creator. The programs that he teaches at One Life International have enabled hundreds of satisfied clients to increase their belief in themselves and therefore their belief in their ability to create wealth.

Roy McDonald is a self-made millionaire and director of 49 different structures and interests in more than 24 companies that turn over in excess of $30 million a year (more than $700,000.00 a week!). This includes an Accounting Firm, a Financial Planning Company, a Real Estate Business, a Development and Construction Company, a Training Organization and other business including Investment companies, Trading Companies, a Travel Company, Farming and Cattle Breeding.

Roy McDonald has been educating people in wealth creation strategies for over 23 years and now with OneLife, Roy gives the participants of his programs a holistic and balanced approach to creating the life of their dreams.

Roy McDonald made his first million dollars in 1973. This is estimated to be the same as $10 million in today’s money! He actually does what he teaches!

At age 19 Roy McDonald was like most other Australians. He grew up the son of the typical “Aussie battler” in Sydney’s south west. He remembers on more than one occasion having the power cut-off at home because they couldn’t pay the bill. By age 28, life was very different. The “boy from Bankstown” had beaten the odds and risen to the ranks of an elite few in Australia by amassing his first million dollars. His story is inspirational and an example to us all of how even those who struggle to make ‘ends meet’ today, can be rich tomorrow.

Now 64, Roy has achieved something most of us dream of – he actually makes money while he sleeps! By strategically investing in property, shares and businesses, he has established streams of income that enable him to choose when he ‘works’, although he actually only ever does what he loves to do now.

Today, Roy McDonald is driven to help others experience the kind of success that has become a way of life for him. The information he imparts today focuses on Lifestyle, Relationships, Health and Wellness as well as Financial Freedom