Life-balance is essential for ascending into higher levels of success in life. An unbalanced life, like an unbalanced building, leans toward collapse; the higher you go, the closer the fall.
Each individual's true life-balance is unique. For each needs a unique measure of time spent with loved ones, in solitude, working, playing, resting, engaged in routine, breaking from routine, being in a noisy environment, being in a quiet environment, being indoors, being outdoors, etc. to feel truly balanced, whole, integrated and empowered.
An unbalanced person creates an unbalanced life. A lack of life-balance creates an unbalanced state. In an unbalanced state we have weaker self-control and tend to over-react in ways that generate chaos and conflict.
Signs that you need to focus on regaining life-balance include feelings of fatigue, irritation, impatience, disappointment, nervous excitement, anxiety, discouragement, worthlessness and despair.
A lack of life-balance attunes the mind to unbalanced thinking (overly optimistic or to overly pessimistic ideas, opinions, beliefs, and expectations), effectively blocking the mind from constructive and meaningful insights, ideas and solutions.
Life-balance supports health, a positive attitude, and a high level of motivation. A lack of life-balance undermines these, lowering one's level of performance and results in all areas of life, including work, marriage and parenting.
A common mistake we make is to accuse others for making our lives seem so difficult when the real issue is that we have allowed ourselves to slip out of life-balance.
Since in a balanced state you are guided by the best judgment (balance is the foundation for wisdom), focus on regaining your balance before you take action to control or direct your circumstances. Calm down and check in with your feelings until you sense what you need to do or to stop doing to return to life-balance and the feeling of peace, poise and power that it brings.

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