No matter what our goals in life are, our career will stretch through a series of jobs and experiences that will truly polish our skill and personality. While all of us may have defining moments that will determine our core beliefs around determination, hard work, and persistence, these are all simply components of a greater foundation that defines 'you'. A successful rise through corporate ranks involves a profound understanding and possible change in your approach and outlook.

There are many smart people who pursue aggressive career paths and have their sights set on great achievement. While their ability is nothing short of brilliant, many lack the required soft skills that could put them over the top.
See below 9 Qualities that will help you have a wonderful career.
1. Be Practical – Do not let emotions cloud your decision making. A practical decision made at right time with right attitude has the ability to shower you with long lasting fame. Remember, the people who are at the top are nothing but practical.
2. Be Humble – Arrogance may have some advantages, but humility still works better for people than being arrogant. When you know your work and are humble about it then there is no reason that you would not get the desired appreciation. Just remember to never let your being humble make people take advantage of you.
3. Problem solver - The majority of employees lack an attitude to solve issues and love to keep them burning for long time, almost to encourage sympathy. It is these times that a positive mindset can send the right vibes across and can really give you a lot of attention. Don't avoid complainers, listen to them just long enough to hear the problem, and then try to come up with a solution.
4. Networking - Networking provides social contact and stimulation. Networking puts you in control, setting your own pace and course. When you sell yourself in the market, you need people who can vouch for you and the broader the network, the better. A strong network always gives you an upper hand, not only to receive but also influence the information flow.
5. Proactive – We all know that life is give and take. Work is no exception. If you are the kind of person who constantly steps out of your comfort zone in order to help others, most people will return the favor when you ask them for one.
6. An eye for detail - If you are hands on with your work, then there is no reason why you won’t know the complexities involved. You should therefore have the confidence needed to make difficult choices. When you master something and know every detail, your logic and ideas will be highly regarded. While people love to argue, they get easily impressed by intelligent reasoning too.
7. Be eager to learn - After a certain period, a job becomes monotonous and people become bored and eventually even lazy. They lose all the zeal to learn new things and although they won't admit this, their actions would make you believe they have thrown in the towel and are satisfied with a status quo life and career. If you really want to move ahead, don't get into this rut. Don't tune out.

Always remain eager to learn; you never know what knowledge or capability will push you up in your career. Remember, you need an open mindset and positive attitude to approach work. If you are constantly learning, it will be tough to be or appear to be interested in mediocrity.
8. Take ownership - When no one is willing to own it, be the first to grab the opportunity. A process involving various stakeholders normally loses vision and momentum. A process with a good leader, input from others, and true direction, has a much better chance of success. Be the person that jumps in and takes on a new project. An ability to own and work towards success is a skill which gives long lasting returns.
9. Think outside the Box – Many people feels that this term is such a cliché’. All it requires is thinking of problems though a different set of eyes, or different dimension. This is why many brainstorming sessions fail; most people sit and think of work problems in the context of what it means to the company, not the user, not the environment. Sit back and try to solve the problem from the eyes of a 6 year old, turn things upside down, and absolutely challenge the norm.
Remember the best ideas come from people who are hands-on with their work. When everyone thinks and recommends a lackluster way, lackluster results will follow. Change your surroundings, change your views, change your thought process and come up with a killer idea!
It is a war out there where you not only need to survive but flourish too. Develop the killer attitude for success and no one would ever dare to stop you.
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