Many times, when a person begins to intentionally apply the law of attraction to create prosperity in his/her life, what often happens instead is that life appears to fall apart.

That's completely 100% normal and, in fact, necessary.


Let me explain. I'd like to borrow an analogy from Price Pritchett's book, You2 ("You Squared"). Every major undertaking gets messy in the middle. When a person discovers an internal physical ailment that requires surgery, on the road to wellness, as they lay on the operating table, it would appear that a murder has taken place in the room. Take a snapshot of that moment in time, and yes, it would appear that things had only gotten worse.

Changing your life is like major surgery. Take a snapshot of any given moment in time, and it would appear as though things have only gotten worse. Success requires determination and focus on the end result, with an understanding that it will very likely get messy in the middle, and in fact may appear as though you've gone backwards.

It's easy to think positive when things are going well. It's when things appear bad that you have that golden opportunity to think truth in spite of the appearances. The challenge is an opportunity that most people overlook, resist, or outright fight.

When you set a goal to prosper, life will always bring you an opportunity disguised as a challenge. If you refuse to give emotional energy to the bad (deal with it, but unemotionally), and maintain emotional enthusiasm and expectancy for the good hiding in it (no matter how long it takes), then you pass the test and enjoy the success.

I guarantee that all who enjoy true, bona fide prosperity, the people you admire, have been required to endure the same process. You see their success and are seldom aware of the internal struggles they faced. The process is predictable and unchanging. Most people start on this path, face challenges, and conclude that this law of attraction thing is a hoax. The few who experience that amazing breakthrough to genuine prosperity will, in hindsight, attest to this process.

So when you face untold opposition, see it for what it is, and realize that it wouldn't be there if you weren't truly on your way to somewhere fabulous. Say it out loud: "This is GREAT!" and keep going.

The adversity IS the opportunity. Why?

It's because the reward of prosperity is literally a product of adversity, mental toughness, and tenacity. Without the adversity, the formula is incomplete and there will be no success. So start calling the adversity good instead of bad, and it will prepare YOU to attract the solutions, and in time, the prosperous reward.

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Leslie Householder is the award-winning two-time best selling author of "The Jackrabbit Factor" and "Hidden Treasures." She is a wife and mother of seven children and co-founder of, a site dedicated to helping people gain more family time and money freedom through principles of prosperity.

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