This life can seem so real it’s difficult to understand at times that it is only an illusion. But in fact, that’s what it is. All the things you know for a fact, all the immutable laws, everything that seems to comprise reality, is only something you’ve constructed.

Now, this can seem disconcerting, but in fact, it is the most freeing information you will ever get, if you allow it to truly sink in and then use it to your advantage. You completely control your life by how you choose to react to your surroundings. You can choose to live a life of complete bliss today by changing what you focus on.

Easier said than done, right? You need not live life as a Zen monk or nun in order to achieve complete bliss in your life. In my coaching practice, I work with people on doing this all the time, and I assure you I don’t have any foreknowledge of next week’s lottery numbers, nor do I call their bosses and tell them to buzz off. Here are some of the tips I share with them:

1) Give yourself 15 minutes of silence to reflect or meditate or pray, depending on what resonates with you. You can recharge your spirit even in this short while, and tap into energy and resources not immediately available to your conscious mind. Don’t know how? Pick up a meditation audiocassette from Amazon to get started.

2) Don’t have time to meditate? Do a simple gratitude exercise. As Thich Nhat Hanh says in his beautiful meditations in “The Present Moment”, kiss the earth with your feet as you walk. So often we walk from place to place without taking the time to be mindful of the gifts we have. So let each footstep be a caress to the earth, and keep present in your mind as you’re doing this exercise how fortunate we are to have an earth that sustains us, along with everything it gives us, clean water, plenty of good food, and life-giving air.

3) Proclaim your desires to the universe. Be specific and direct. Don’t say, “I want to be happy.” Say, “I want a job that pays 20% more within the coming year and I want to be in a committed relationship.” You can’t go out and get it if you don’t know what it is. Write it down, put it where you’ll see it, tell it to friends. No complaining! Just stating. You’ll start to see the ways to get there.

4) Believe all is possible. Don’t just do lip service to this idea, actually integrate it into your consciousness. Next year, you might be the next American Idol, or you might have that best-selling book, regardless of where you are right now. Define the dream… it’s the first step to getting it done.

It’s time for us all to look at a bigger picture. We are but passing through here. In looking our mortality in the eye, we should not feel afraid or cowed, but energized and emboldened. Will it really matter in the end if you did some things wrong, or if you tried and failed? You’ll only have left your great adventures and accomplishments, and the dreams you went for and achieved. It’s time you hold yourself up to that standard.

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Maria E. Andreu is a Life Coach, author, seminar and teleclass leader and speaker. She empowers her clients to live extraordinary lives each day. Reach her at