Types Of Counseling

This is a partial list of the types of counseling available today:

* Abortion counseling
* Brief therapy
* Career Counseling
* Christian counseling
* Co-counselling
* Counseling psychology
* Counselor (disambiguation)
* Consultant (disambiguation)
* Credit counseling
* Crisis hotline
* Cross-cultural counseling
* Disaster counseling
* Disciplinary counseling
* E-mail counseling
* Ecological counseling
* Exit counseling
* Family & marriage counseling
* Genetic counseling
* Grief & trauma counseling
* Grief counseling
* Grief therapy
* Intervention (counseling)
* Lay community counsellor
* Licensed Professional Counselor
* Marriage counseling
* Mental Health Counselor
* Navy Counselor
* Nouthetic Counseling
* Online counseling
* Pastoral counseling
* Peer counseling
* Philosophical counseling
* Postvention
* Pre-conception counseling
* Pregnancy options counseling
* Psychiatric and mental health nursing
* Psychiatric and mental health Nurse Practitioner
* Re-evaluation Counseling
* Relationship counseling
* Rehabilitation counseling
* School counselor
* Sexual trauma counseling
* Skin cancer counseling
* Solution-focused counseling
* Solution focused brief therapy
* Student counseling
* Suicide intervention
* Telephone counseling
* Trauma counseling
* Vocational Counseling

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