You have just learnt the news and you are not sure how to act because you know somehow your life will not be the same.

You ask yourself the question;” Am I ready for this” and no matter how much you say yes you never know until it happens to you.


You may find yourself questioning and your mate if you are really the father.

Commitment issues

Once you start to accept that you are or will be the father, you may question your commitment to being there to take care of the child.

You may feel your mate is their so you do not have to worry about committing to taking care of her because she carry the baby for nine months so you can be allow to be on the side line and not totally committed

Months of preparation

Once you agree to have the baby now you are ask to get involve in the preparation by going to the doctors, and to prenatal classes.

You start to feel your time is being restricted, and you will have to start compromising.

Fears of losing your independence

You may feel once you were alone and did not have to answer to anyone else, and now your mate is asking you to do things with her and so you may feel you are losing your freedom.

You may find that you may look for an argument so you can get out of the commitment to do certain things.

You may find you may get many excuses to doing thing, such as you all of a sudden have a schedule that you need to follow when be fore you were willing to do things according to how you feel at the time.

Attempting to recreate your life before

You want to have the baby yet you attempt to connect to your friends as before so you do not feel things have change.

You may want to hang with your friends until all late hours and with that comes a price because you may not have communicate this with your mate and she has thing to prepare for the coming of the baby.

Shifting your focus

With the difficulties you may have in commitment you may get some advice form family and friends and realize that you have to change your focus if you want this relationship to last and be supportive for when the baby comes.

Changing priorities

You decided that you need to change and put the relationship and having the baby first as your priority and not make everything about you.

With this new way of seeing the world you begin to have less fear of losing your freedom and begin to commit to the process.

Forgetting your life before

Now the day has arrive and the baby is here and you ask yourself the question why did you hesitate before, and why were you creating so much resistance to the process.

You realize that your life is no longer the same and you welcome this feeling within you, a great sense of joy.

You begin to see this miracle that was created from both of you, and look at each part of the baby for signs of you in it.

The baby becomes so much of a big part of your life that you sometimes forget how life was before the baby came.

Questioning why you did not before

As the days and months pass by you begin to ask yourself why you did not start a family before because it feels so right.

Willing to sacrifice

Now you know and feel what it is to have a family you begin to put the family first and begin to work as a team with your mate, doing as much as possible to make everyone life a little more happier.

Conclusion: Becoming a father for the first time can be a rewarding and exciting experience depending on where you are emotionally.

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