So you know what it was the first time and how much you were ask form within you to have a child, now you are ready to do it again because you realize how much your life is for the better.

What really matters

You realize what really matters in life is family and you decide to have another child to make your family a little bigger.

Re-opening your heart

As the second baby comes along you never thought that you can love again so much because you feel you get so much from having the first baby in your life.

The second comes along and again your heart is open even more that you could ever imaging that you could ever love so much.

You realize that you are learning to love even more that you could ever ask for from life.

Cannot hide

As you go out with friends you notice at many times when you look into your pocket of your pants or jacket you will find a reminder of your children sometimes in the form of a toy or a sock.

Taking on responsibility

You are willing to take on more responsibility in the rearing of your children because the reward is not measure in money knowing that you have put someone else first for the greater good of helping your family and humanity.

Making time for the family

You grasp that it is a constant job from the time they get up in the morning which is very early to when they go to bed.

You may learn that your mate is very tired and cannot contribute much more to your couple relationship so you take the time to give more to the rearing of the kids.

Understanding the role of a father

After the first you come to understand more your role as a father in what you want your children to carry with them in their adult life.

As a father of two children you know your words and action has an impact on them because you see if you do not say the right thing in front of your children they will pick them up and say it.

Conclusion: Having another child brings you greater love that you allow yourself to share and you willing do what is necessary to help the family enjoy a good life.