Yummy Yoni (For Women)

Women are often taught, subliminally or overtly, that their genitals are smelly, dirty, and ugly. This exercise will help you see the power and the glory in your beautiful yoni (Sanskrit for vagina or vulva).

Time for Exercise: 10 minutes to one hour

Properties Required: hand mirror


  1. Sit or lie down naked on the bed. You might want to prop pillows behind your back for support.
  2. Position the mirror so that you can clearly see your yoni. As you look, appreciate your uniqueness, the elements of your yoni that make you exclusively you. Note the texture of your pubic hair, the size and shape of your outer and inner lips.
  3. Find your clitoris and pull back gently on the hood to see your “love button.”
  4. Spread your lips and look inside your sacred cave. Notice the different colors of your skin.
  5. Move past your yoni to view your perineum (the urogenital triangle in front of the anus) and anus.
  6. Squeeze and relax your PC muscles. Appreciate the enticing movement your yoni makes!
  7. Gently place a finger or two inside your yoni, then sniff your fingers and taste them.


  • If you are feeling more adventurous, masturbate as you watch in the mirror and watch the changes that your yoni goes through as you become more and more excited. See how your lips and clitoris swell, change color, and become slick with love lubricant.
  • Another day, push yourself a little farther and invite your lover to go on this in-depth yoni tour with you. Proudly share your beauty (see I’ll be Watching You).
  • If you have a digital camera, allow your lover to take pictures of your magnificent yoni at different times during lovemaking so that you can see the beauty of your sexual awakening.
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