CPA network is generally an affiliate network as well.

There are many types of affiliate networks and the more common ones are ClickBank and Commission Junction.

FYI: An affiliate network is a company who helps advertisers to recruit people and pay a commission fee to sell their products or services.

- Stricter Regulation but Lucrative

CPA network are very low-profile due to its stricter registration rules towards affiliates.
However if you get to enter one, you can be sure that it can be very lucrative as some of the online big players often take part in a CPA network.

- CPA work closely with clients and affiliates

They work very closely with their clients and affiliates unlike most common affiliate networks. If you are performing well as a affiliate, you can be sure that the company will do their best to retain you.

Due to this close relationship, they often attract big name advertisers as CPA companies are very result-orientated.

- What does CPA means

The term CPA means Cost-Per-Action or Cost per Acquisition.

You earn money when your lead (the visitor whom you send to their page) takes a desired action.
This are simple actions such as providing the advertisers with personal info(email address, phone number, zipcode) and sometimes a sale.

Please note that the advertisers will indicate earlier the type of action that warrant payment.

Ask anyone who generate sales before and they will tell you its not easy to ask your buyers to part with their cash.

- Main attraction of CPA Network

The attraction about CPA Network is they will pay you even when your lead doesnt make a purchase. In fact, they will often offer gifts or discount vouchers in exchange for their contacts. This make conversion a lot easier when the visitor gets rewarded for a simple action.

As such, it is very attractive for affiliates to take part as most of the pre-sell work has been taken over by the advertisers .

However take note that a lot of CPA Network are very strict when recruiting affiliates because of all the frauds. You might need alot of convincing on your part using your online sales experience and your sincerity.

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