Activate your immune System.Activate your immune System…and protect yourself from bio-toxins, influenza and most every other disease

The human immune system is an amazing array of trillions of cells working together to accomplish the goal of identifying, destroying and eliminating, free radicals, bacteria, viruses, toxins, allergens and debris in our bodies. The team of organs, tissues, glands, fluids and cells carry out a sophisticated, nonstop, defense strategy 24/7. Some of the key players of the immune system are B-cells, Cytokines, T-cells and Macrophages. B cells originate in the bone marrow, lymph nodes, and spleen, produce antibodies to kill antigens. Cytokines are protein messengers that allow the cells of the immune system to communicate with one another. T-cells originate in the thymus gland and are involved with regulating the immune response and producing killer cells that also kill antigens. Macrophages are cells that are produced in the bone marrow and circulate throughout the body attacking invaders and removing dead cells, toxins and all debris. Macrophages also support the health and function of other immune team members.. The thymus gland secrets hormones that are very important in regulating immune function. The thymus gland shrinks with age and is very susceptible to free radical damage caused by poor diet, excessive stress, infections and radiation and chemotherapy. The working immune system clearly shows the interdependence and importance of all the glands, organs, and parts of the body.

Factors that weaken immune function

· Environmental toxins in air, water and food
· Unhealthy lifestyle habits
· Extended periods of stress
· Dramatic lifestyle changes
· Emotional imbalance

It is estimated that over half of Americans suffer from a compromised immune system.

Symptoms of a weak immune system include allergies, frequent colds and flu, sinus, ear, throat, skin, urinary tract and vaginal infections. Slow healing wounds, chronic fatigue, candidiasis, and of course degenerative diseases such as cancer, aids and premature aging e also due to a weaken immune system.

Supporting your immune system naturally is the most important element in building resistance to illness and disease. Whether it be the flu, smallpox or anthrax, a strong immune system is the best defense. Ultimately, only our body’s natural defenses can truly heal the body long term. Drugs and vaccines are sometimes necessary, but they always have side effects and they tend to depress our body’s natural functions. The crucial missing link in modern medicine is stimulating the patient’s own immune system.

How to Strengthen Your Immune System

· Get plenty of sleep
· Create relaxation breaks
· Breathing exercises-fresh air
· Enjoy natural sunlight daily
· Drink filtered water
· Eat live organic whole foods daily
· Take whole food supplements
· Exercise daily
· Express your emotions
· Maintain a positive attitude
· Focus on your source of spiritual inspiration

Natural substances that can help protect you from anthrax and other pathogens

· Colloidal Silver is a near perfect antibiotic with no known harmful side effects. Modern antibiotics kill approximately half a dozen different disease-causing organisms, colloidal silver kills some 650. Research has shown that nearly every known germ, bacteria, virus and fungus will die within 6 minutes of contact with colloidal silver.

· Essential oils…oregano is a potent anti- viral, anti-bacterial and there are immune strengthening blends available
· Colostrum is the natural immune building ingredient in mother’s milk.
· Garlic a strong natural anti-biotic There are also many whole food and homeopathic formulas readily available to help support natural immunity.

Nutritional Supplements with Scientific Studies Proven to Enhance Immune Function

· Transfer Factor a concentrated form of colostrum
· Beta- 1,3, D- glucans a simple polysaccharide in bakers yeast.
· MGN3 extracts of certain healing mushrooms
· Dr. Schultze”s Clinical Air and Super Tonic herbal formulas
· Standard Process Immuplex Formula

The best possible thing we can all do in these troubled times is to take responsibility for our health and safety. We all need to develop and implement a total health program that addresses all the areas previously mentioned. Investigate the many natural immune stimulating formulas like the ones I mentioned, they are inexpensive real health insurance. My new book Ageless Living goes into detail on how to easily begin implementing immune enhancing strategies into our busy schedules. Information on the book and other helpful products can be found at: If possible, I highly recommend consulting a qualified, healthy healthcare practitioner to recommend a detox and rejuvenation program designed to meet your specific needs. The most important thing we all can do, is to stay focused on the positive and learn from the lessons that life presents. A healthy mind set is the prerequisite for having a healthy body. Don’t worry, be happy and spread the message of peace, tolerance, joy and prosperity for all.

Rico Caveglia is an author, speaker, personal trainer and owner of Lifetime Fitness, a Health and Longevity training company in La Jolla, Ca. He is author of the new book Ageless Living. He can be reached at:, or

Author's Bio: 

Rico Caveglia is an author, speaker, personal trainer and owner
of Lifetime Fitness, a Health and Longevity training company in La
Jolla, Ca. He is author of the new book Ageless Living. He can be reached
at:, or