As a professional organizer I work with women and seniors clearing clutter in their kitchens. This is a problem room for many people. Clearing clutter can be done pretty easy if it is done a little at a time and isn’t allowed to get out of control.

One great idea that works well in clearing clutter in kitchens is to have a place for everything and after using them put the items away in their “homes”.

Another idea in clearing clutter in the kitchen is to start in one small space instead of going cupboard to cupboard and drawer to drawer trying to organize everything at once.

Let’s start with the silverware drawer. Take everything out and wipe out the silverware holder. Look at everything in the drawer; does it still work for you? Are there rusted pieces or bent pieces? If so, toss them. Are there other cooking gadgets in the drawer? If so is there room for containers for them to live in so they don’t just roll around. When they are contained they will seem to take up less space and other things won’t be thrown in the drawer.

I can’t stand a sink full of dishes or dishes left all over the counter. It looks so messy. One simple way to make clearing clutter a breeze in the kitchen is to keep the counters and sink free of dishes. Of course this sounds easy, but is it easy to do? After using a dish, load it in the dishwasher instead of putting it in the sink. By keeping the dishwasher unloaded so everyone can load their own plates keeps clearing clutter to a minimum.

Clearing clutter is less work if it is done a little at a time. If you have a pantry, cupboards in an island and cupboards all around the walls start in just one place.

In the pantry or on the cupboard shelves labeling the shelves with what goes there may help family members know where items are to be put back so they won’t be chucked in corners and on top of things.

I only have two drawers so I have to limit what I keep in them. One drawer is only 6” wide and the other one is 12” wide. I am always on the lookout for things that don’t belong. (That sounds like a Sesame Street song doesn’t it?) I do that because my space is limited.

When there isn’t enough space we simply need to pare down. And sometimes that means removing things that don’t belong in the kitchen and taking them to the rooms where they do belong. If you use the table for projects or the kids use it for home work those items don’t have to stay in the kitchen. They can be removed to their rooms or to an office. Set up a routine for clearing clutter off the table after the project is finished or at the end of the night before bedtime.

Find convenient locations for everything you want to keep in your kitchen. For the things you use everyday keep them in the easiest to reach places. For other items used only once a week or month place them on other shelves where they are convenient to reach, but are out of your way.

Clearing clutter in the kitchen can start with everything having a home, putting things away after use, keeping the counters clear of dishes and the items in the kitchen being convenient so they can be easily put away.

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Marilyn is a professional organizer who works with women and seniors in clearing clutter and providing organizing tips. Clearing clutter helps those she works with to have less stress in their lives and feel more joy in living.

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