how to be cocky and funny
Cocky and funny is a term coined by David Deangelo author and creator of Double Your Dating.
Cocky and funny is the foundation of what David Deangelo teaches and is simply gaming using a simple
style of "insulting with a smile" then making her laugh.
Very simple yes?
However if you're just starting out in this BEWARE as your results will be mixed and varied.
Be weary of the way you pronounce the lines he gives you as you can come across as arrogant.

When I first discovered how to be cocky and funny with women, I was delighted as a new wave of opportunities came upon me. whenever
I was out in coffee shops, bars, juice stations the waitresses would soon know me by name and know I would be busting their balls so to speak. Here’s the deal… Cocky and funny is a great tool for demonstrating that you're not an approval-seeking, butt-kissing, nice guy. Used right, cocky & funny will attract women and demonstrate a lot of important traits that women are looking for in a guy, such as:
Social intelligence.
Used incorrectly and women will see you as too arrogant, insecure or weird.
I leave it in your ball park ...
How to be cocky and funny: Tip #1
CAFE: I'll just arrive at a cafe and take a seat so the waitress comes out and before she can take my order I'll say
Alex: Hi there, can I take your order?
Her: haha I'm supposed to say that!
Alex: Really...I've been sitting here for the last 20 minutes without any coffee and look at me I'm all dehydrated ...

BOOKSTORE: I'll be walking around a bookstore and spot an attractive woman flicking through a book
Alex: Hi there know I read that book recently it's a fantatcis book by the way... would you like to know the ending?

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How to be cocky and funny: Tip #2
Don't be overly cocky as you can overdo this part and come across as arrogant and insecure. You need to find the right balance.
If you have too much cockiness you will come across as a jerk and if you use too much "funniness" you will come across as too much of a nice guy or a funny man, women want both in men they seek so try to strike the right balance here.
How to be cocky and funny Tip #3
Approach this technique from a casual point and being playful rather than being too serious about it.
Women will sense if you're trying too hard and it'll turn her off

How to be cocky and funny: Tip #4
Practice as much you can, when you're ordering your coffee
Alex: Hi there what coffee do you recommend?
Her: Oh you have to try the caramel mochaccino! It's new, bigger etc
Alex: Hmmm sounds nice ... I'll have a flat white
Her: hahaha
The more you practice cocky and funny the better you'll become at it and more calibrated you will seem.
This is in essence a very powerful technique and should be the basis of all your interactions, you should always be teasing and playful pushing her away and pulling her back in.
The more you experiment the better you'll get.
Talk to you soon!

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