Constipation is one condition which has been conquered very satisfactorily using herbs for very many years. In fact, they are so effective for constipation that there really is little need for constipation to exist in 99% of sufferers.

Later on I will tell you the best and most reliable herb for constipation - which will almost certainly give you a cure for this unpleasant condition.

Herbs can help constipation in several main ways:

1. Some herbs provide bulk which help the stools pass more easily
2. Other herbs contain 'anthroquinone glycosides' which stimulate the peristalsis - earthworm-like movements of the bowel - stimulate bowel muscle,stimulate the peristalsis - earthworm-like movements of the bowel, help the muscles of the bowel to move the waste matter along. They are generally for short-term use only.
3. Cascara Sagrada is one almost magical herb which can be used safely for an extended time - even many months - if used at a low dose and in combination with the correct companion herbs. The resulting herbal formula is perhaps the most successful formula to treat long-term constipation every discovered. It has been used for over 50 years and has thousands of delighted users. More later.

1. Herbs For Bulk

These herbs provide a large amount of fibre or mucilage. This bulks up the waste matter in the colon helping to make the stools pass more easily. This happens because of a reflex action in the bowel.

Herbs in this category include PSYLLIUM HUSKS, LINSEEDS AND FENUGREEK. These herbs should be taken with a few extra glasses of water a day.

2. Herbs Containing Anthroquinone Glycosides

The best known herb containing anthroquinone glycosides is SENNA. This has a long history of use in the UK. It is not recommended for longer than ten days.

Buckthorn is another herb which was used by many older herbalists. It was replaced with the herb CASCARA SAGRADA, from the same family, which was more gentle but still reliable. Used at the usual dosage, these herbs are not recommended to be taken for longer than ten consecutive days or so.

Much stronger, and only to be used if nothing else will do the job is a herb extracted from the outer skin of the Aloe Vera plant. This is the same plant whose gel is used to promote healing. The Aloe from the outer skin - often called CAPE ALOE - is a strongly laxative herb. It is also very, very bitter and unpleasant if you happen to taste it. Aloe is generally used only occasionally.

3. Fantastic Herb For Constipation

One of the herbs mentioned above is by far the best herb to use to treat long-term, or short-term, constipation. However, to achieve this it is used at a relatively low dosage for long period of time.

The herb is Cascara Sagrada, or sacred bark.

If Cascara is used in small amounts - say 50 mg with each meal; and if it is combined with other appropriate herbs, it will often deal permanently with constipation in about six months. It should be taken daily, however.

To be most effective, Cascara is combined with the herbs barberry, cayenne, Turkey rhubarb, and a number of other herbs. This type of formula has been wonderful for many people who have had long-term constipation.

A 90-Day Programme Brings Fastest Results

A mild herbal formula based on 'Cascara Sagrada' can be used as a great basis for a complete holistic '90-Day Programme' for constipation. Two other essential ingredients include a product such as 'psyllium husks' for fibre; and a 'bowel flora' supplement to further promote a healthy bowel.

A 90-day Programme such as this gives a great start in treating constipation. Following this successful start for 3 months with 3 such products, the Cascara-based product can be used alone, daily, for a further few months until the bowel finally functions successfully on its own. Many, many people have been absolutely delighted, as well as very relieved, after using a programme like this.

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