September 11, 2001 early in the morning, our sky was falling. It was an act that affected our entire world. In the midst of all the people whose lives were taken; it didn't take our dignity or our strength.

On that fateful morning, I hadn't even turned on the TV. I walked my two children to school and wondered why there seemed to be very little traffic. We live in the heart of Burbank in Southern California. A place that is usually teaming with activity and people rushing to the studios for work.

Puzzled by the desolation on my way home, I thought of my husband who was out of town. As soon as I got in the door I checked my voice-mail. There was one cryptic message from my husband who said "I am here in Las Vegas and I see "New York, New York" out of the corner of my eye... 'we heard that our sources of monetary importance are being attacked and the airport has been shut down,... 'I guess we're coming home in a van... 'I hope you and the girls are OK."

Within minutes I turned on my computer to check my email. I opened one message from a family friend wishing we were OK and that the Presidents idea of a missile shield won't work for this particular scenario.

With a heavy heart, I finally succumbed to the media. I flipped on the switch and as I watched, I became one with the world - transfixed to the television screen - trying to make sense of the devastation.

What came to mind is that we all know that we all have a common goal. We all want to be treated equally and have the same opportunities as the next guy. We have expressed our political, social and economic unrest in America. The same people who looted our cities during the riots are the very same people who have done heroic acts to help one another during our time of need. We have shown our valor, we have shown our unity, and we have shown our grief. However, just one week has past and something more insidious is waking up our nation.

The very same people who committed these unspeakable acts of terrorism may have been completely different before they were brain washed. They may have been very much like you and I. If you could turn back the clock before they were changed, you would see the seeds that made them easy pray in order to indoctrinate them into fanaticism.

People who are in the clutches of a cult are never left alone. They always travel in pairs or in threes. This is done so that another way of life won't influence them to have a change of heart. One of the suspected high-jackers was a practicing physician in Austin for many years, later proven to be innocent. However, it is important to understand that brainwashing has no name, no label, and no personality profile.

Osama Bin Laden had a father who rejected him and he was ill treated as a child and so were many other people. Hitler's childhood profile is one and the same. Does this mean that intelligent people with wounded souls shouldn't be allowed to grow up? No, it simply means that there is a seed that spawns this kind of behavior and there are circumstances that perpetuate it.

I'll give you an example; Does David Koresh ring a bell? Remember Wako, Texas? Was the religion Christianity or was it fanaticism? Brainwashing starts with fear, then bitterness, and then hatred. When we are in our fear and anger, we are easily lead. We are not open to creative thought. We are only open to destructive suggestion.

You cannot experience love; without first loving yourself.

You cannot experience hate; without first hating yourself.

Love is safe, empowering, and creative.

Hate is fear, loss of energy, and destructive.

Anger is OK and it is healthy. Underlying anger are grief and fear. Grief of loss, and fear of potentially losing others is a normal process. However, what if you don't come out of it? What is deeper than grief and fear? What happens when you never forgive? - A bitterness sets in.

A bitterness that consumes you and becomes a part of your personality. This renders confusion when another caring being throws you a life raft so that you may move on. Self pity becomes "self loathing" and your heart center dissipates which doesn't allow you to help others. You begin to believe that external forces dictate your entire world.

The next stage is prejudice and it lodges into your heart like a cold steely knife... this is when your own "self hatred" is projected onto another. You become dangerous to innocent people, for "blame" is your only security blanket, and "victim" is your only identity.

Finally, the disease progresses into a terminal illness... Birds of a feather find each other. Leaders emerge and begin to recruit people who have the beginning stages of this hatred disease. They gain their loyalty by sprouting the weeds of suspicion, guilt and fear in their minds - Feeding their distorted views until they are easily lead.

It spreads like a plague in countries where there is great duress and suppression. Sadly, before these people even know it, they are caught in the hands of those who corrupt them and they lose their individuality.

They see unconditional love and caring as a weakness. To them, love is giving and carrying out orders to try and force the external world to bend, even if it means breaking it. Gaining control of all things is a thirst that cannot be satisfied. This is evil incarnate. Life no longer matters to them. People who disagree with their opinions must be eradicated; even if it means the end of you and your children.

Power mongering leaders strategically planned this for years and brain washed a faction of an ever growing militant cult. Currently, there are over 2 million of these people spread out along the borders of several Countries. Now for those of you who have forgotten, America funded, supported, and helped to train Bin Laden and his troupes when we were in conflict with Russia during the early 1980's. They learned about our military, our tactics, and learned of our vulnerabilities along our borders. Unfortunately, this time they succeeded...

...Again, anger is OK. it is a sign that we keep our minds open and our heart centers full. We must strike back with wisdom even though we see our people in the shards of steal and debris who are sorely missed. We see our people who work from morning till night to bring back some normalcy to our Country - which will be forever changed. Yet, know this: Change is essential to growth, be it good or bad.

The goodwill of our people have been exemplary. We have banned together to create an even stronger America, for tomorrow the sun will rise, and whomever is left will still be here for the next generation and more importantly - The World.

Laura Cordova
~a New life ~ a New you ~ a New career~

Author's Bio: 

Laura Cordova is a mom who owns a home based business creating "wellness" for people around the world. She served in the Military as an Illustrator for Psychological Propaganda, and is currently a stunt woman and actor.