It is ironic that unlike college students, school children do not develop fear of essay writing. Often, they got enthusiastic over activities like this. Since this stage provides children with interest to explore everything, parents must learn to teach essay writing to their children in the most interesting way possible.

Here are ways to teach children enjoy essay writing.

* Let them write about their interest

Ask children what they want to write about. Their topics may include their favorite story, toy, cartoon character, movie, vacation, and other simple things. If the child is interested with his topic, he will enjoy doing essay over again.

* Ask them to describe

Children enjoy telling stories. Hence, parents must learn to take advantage of this stage. They must guide the children in writing good descriptions. It is better to teach children describe in details according to what their senses perceive. In their young age, they must not develop the hobby of giving subjective and general description like beautiful, amazing, creative, and so on.

* Teach them to Narrate

It is amazing to find out that children at their age have their reasons for wanting and hating things around them. It is helpful to show them the proper way of telling the story in right sequence. It would be an advantage for children if they know how to emphasize the things that they want. Moreover, children must learn the value of giving priority to the most to least important details.

* Ask them the value of their choice.

In young age, children already have things, which they cherish. It will serve them good if they know how to express what they feel. Talking about the importance of these things help the school children improve their logical reasoning.

With these three easy essay writing steps, parents can assure that their child is gathering enough background in quality writing. Parents who don’t want their children to encounter any problem regarding essay writing in the future, must learn to develop their children at early stage.

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Lalaine Jacobs is freelance writer and online blogger and full time mother of two. She also writes essays during her free time.