Negative thoughts and negative self-talk have the power to destroy even the best weight loss plan. Even if you consider yourself a positive or optimistic person you are not immune to negative thoughts and those negative thoughts are most likely to fill your head when you are working toward a goal such as weight loss.

Discover the stages your negative thoughts move through before they lead you to act in ways that sabotage your plan and learn what you need to do to stop them before they cause problems.

1. The first stage is simply having the negative thought. There is no way to prevent the negative thoughts from coming into your head but that doesn’t mean you are defenseless. When you set a weight loss goal watch for negative thoughts such as, “I’ve never been able to lose weight.” “I just don’t have enough willpower.” These negative thoughts must be interrupted before they are allowed to move into the next stage.

2. If you keep thinking about the negative thought it will grow. You will start to tell yourself a story about why the negative thought is true and this gives the negative thought power.

3. Once the negative thought sits in your head and grows in strength it is easy to move into the third stage where your mind starts to look for evidence as to why the negative thought is true and you do this by recalling past experiences and past failures.

4. Given all of this power the negative thought causes you to act in a way that sabotages your weight loss plan and convinces you that you are powerless to make this change.

The truth however is that you are not powerless at all, you simply didn’t cut the negative thought short and you allowed it to grow and gain strength. To prevent negative thoughts from ruining your plan you must listen for them and when you hear them immediately cancel the thought and shift your thinking to a more positive thought such as how great you will feel when you lose weight.

Take away the power of your negative thoughts and you will make weight loss easier.

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