The cost of having a personal life coach can be overwhelming to say the least. People pay thousands of dollars to help them break through the muck that has bogged down their lives and learn to live powerful, dynamic lives, full of energy and personal fulfillment. Cherie and I should know because we have both spent thousands of dollars doing just that. Because we know the benefits of life coaching and because we know the cost barriers to purchasing life coaching, we developed a full line of inexpensive self-help workbooks.
If you are a self-motivated individual, you can benefit from life coaching by doing it yourself! Cherie and I offer a line of self-help life coaching workbooks that cover the major areas of life coaching and we are developing more every month. Our workbooks are in-depth, interactive learning tools that will guide you to new patterns of personal, physical, spiritual, social, and mental achievement and health in just minutes a day. They are written is easy and fun format and are adaptable to any lifestyle.
You can download any one of our self-help workbooks by going to (copy and paste to your web browser) and clicking on any e-workbook that is of interest to you, to get you started on your life coaching experience today. Cherie and I are both certified holistic life coaches as well as licensed therapists. Our complete bio of skills is included on our website. We offer many years of clinical expertise working with clients of all ages. We are experts in life change methods and powerful living components. Living your dream is possible!

Author's Bio: 

Licensed Professional Counselor with an MS in Clinical Psychology, and is a Certified Holistic Life Coach. In addition, Debbie has a BS in Human Development from Cornell University and has many years experience working with adults and adolescents and their families, helping them to live in harmony and repair broken relationships. Debbie has experience working with clientele of all ages and developmental range.

Debbie’s experience includes:
Holistic Life Coach
Program Manager of Social Service Program
Therapist to Adults, Adolescents, & Families
Clinical Group Facilitator
Community Service Group Facilitator
Creative Program Developer for Transitional Adulthood
Holistic Health Researcher
Needs Assessment Therapist
Yoga and Relaxation Group Facilitator
Social Advocate for Children, Animals, and Environmental issues
Debbie has facilitated numerous groups focusing on personal
and holistic growth, meditation, self-knowledge, and creativity.

Debbie is interested in holistic health issues such as improving the energy level, nutrition and herbs for natural healthier living, producing long-lasting cognitive/behavioral change, and incorporating principles of peace in nature.

Debbie’s publications are in diverse areas including: holistic health management; holistic light, color, and aroma therapies; the power of crystals; transitional
adulthood; and cognitive issues and change. Debbie’s interventions of choice
include: evaluative health and life skills, stress management, Cognitive/Behavioral Theory, Family Systems Theory, Humanistic Theory, and facilitating change
through increasing the energy level.

Debbie enjoys working with highly motivated individuals and values diversity of all types. She enjoys helping people improve their health, energy range, fitness level,
life balance, self-esteem, relationships, career path, and overall enjoyment of life.