Have you ever stumbled on your way to achieving your dreams and wondered if God really wanted you to be happy? I know I have. Lots of others have, too.

When a friend’s important business deal fell apart, she said to me recently, “ Okay. God didn’t want me to have that. Is he punishing me, Melissa? Intellectually I know that’s not true, but a part of me feels like he is.”

So, does God want you to be happy? Does God want your dreams and desires to come true at least as much as you do?

God always wants your highest and best dreams and desires to manifest for you. Ultimately there’s no difference between your highest desires for yourself and what God wants for you as well. Truly, what makes you authentically, blissfully happy, is a calling from the Divine.

Along the journey to meeting your dreams, however, the world can often be cruel and unpredictable and in those times it’s easy to think that some almighty power is standing between you and what you’re trying to create for yourself.

Turbulence in your life is usually the result of several things. Sometimes it’s a mirror, a sign that you need to pay more attention to your own thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. What may seem like the efforts of an outside aggressor is a situation showing you yourself more clearly, more deeply and what it is within that you need to overcome in order reach your goals.

Other times turmoil is the place in your path when you’re experiencing the results of limiting beliefs that existed prior to a new goal.

As you set your sights on new horizons, limiting beliefs that don’t that new goal, present themselves in the form of experience, to be healed and released so you can move ahead. New goals have a way of pushing up anything that are no longer relevant.

In the midst of the chaos it can be hard to see the Guidance, the Divine helping hand and to feel the love and the compassion that is always with you. That sense of isolation is deliberate, though not real, so that you learn to reach and trust.

If you could always see where your foot would land when you struck out into something new, truly, you’d never leave behind the outdated thoughts and beliefs that you needed to. You’d never grow.

And then there are the times when something really does stand between you and what you want. Divine Protection. Sometimes there is more to the picture or the person or the deal than we can ostensibly see. And once in a while, particularly when we are spiritually focused in our forward strides, an unseen hand of Divine Protection keeps us from wandering further into a deal, a relationship or a scenario to keep us safe and out of harm’s way.

The process of creation is simple. Not simplistic, but simple.

You ask for what you want and the Universe says, ok, fine with me. You can have that. This is what you’ll need to give up, adopt, change, etc., in order to be in alignment with that.

And so the journey begins. And through it all, though there are times when you may think that God has forgotten about you, in actuality, he’s guiding you toward what you asked for and what you’ve wanted all along.

When you feel you’re at this place in your life, wear or carry amethyst with you. It offers protection and cleanses negative energies and it helps transmute lower energies into higher ones.

Continue to set your intentions and state them clearly. Pray for what you need - guidance, strength, wisdom, blessing, favor, support, a clear path, angels, miracles - and the help will come.

Author's Bio: 

Melissa Van Rossum is an accomplished psychic, empath and author. It’s her life's work to help people awaken to their dreams by showing them how to tap into their own Divine Guidance. In her first book, All You've Ever Known, Melissa reveals a process to deepen your intuition called TruAwareness. Her latest book, Their Way Home shares for the first time the very personal stories of her encounters with real life ghosts who searched her out in their quest to find their way home. Plenty of books have been written about ghost sightings but in this book Melissa shares the stories behind why these souls chose to linger on the earth plane and how you can live a happier life by learning from the mistakes they made in life, and in death. Get Melissa's free newsletter and learn more about her books by visiting allyouveeverknown.com & theirwayhome.com. You can also follow Melissa at twitter.com/ghostguide and get her empowering, gemstone jewelry at truegoddessjewelry.com.