How many times in our lives do we look back? While we are waiting for God to show us the next move - we look back. Why do we think that we have missed something and need to look back at where we were? Looking back is not in God’s agenda for us. In Philippines 3:14 Paul told us to press on. Pressing on means going forward; not looking back. We cannot press on towards the goal if we have our head turned in the wrong direction.

My youngest son was given the ability to be a great athlete. He has been playing football since he was 10 years old. Whenever he would run the ball for a touchdown he would be looking forward at the goal. He knew that if he turned his head and looked to see what was behind him he would loose his momentum and he would slow down even when he did not want to. Therefore, as all athletes know, look ahead towards the goal, because if you look back you will lose the force of the goal. The goal needs to be in front of your eyes. We need to determine in our hearts and minds, and stand and declare I Will Not Look Back Because I Am Not Going That Way!

In Genesis Chapter 19 Lot and his family were being summoned by Angels of the Lord to flee from Sodom and Gomorrah. These two cities were full of so much sin that God needed to destroy them. Lot and his family lived in Sodom, and God in His mercy and grace had sent angels to spare their lives. In verse 15 the angel wanted Lot and his family to hurry and flee. The angel had so much urgency to do what God had sent them there to do; that when Lot hesitated, the angel grabbed Lot and his family by the hand and led them safely out of the city. The instructions that the angel gave them were very specific. “Flee for your lives! Don’t look back…” (Verse 17). Why did the angel tell them not to look back? Why was this so important?

So many times in life we do not listen to God’s specific instructions. We know what the Word of God says, but yet in the midst of it all we do not do what God has instructed us to do. The angel gave clear instruction not to look back, yet in verse 26 we see that Lot’s wife did indeed turn and look back; and because of her disobedience she became a pillar of salt.
God does not give us laws and tell us specifics like; “don’t look back” because He wants to be a dictating God. He loves us so very much that He wants us to push ahead so that we are not lingering in the past. As a born again Christian we know that when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, that old things are passed away, and all things become new. Jesus does not want us back there in our past. He has made us new, so we do not need to look back at where we were.

While we are a vessel sitting on a shelf to dry, after being on the potter’s wheel we should not be looking back at all the junk we have been through. All the rolling we have been through in the potter’s hand, and the sand paper people who have come in our lives and somehow hurt us. We know that the Master Potter has a plan for us. And while we sit on that shelf and await the end of our drying process we are to be looking forward to the day that the Master will come over to us and lovingly pick us up off that shelf and take us to the next step in our process.
We know that each of us has a plan and a purpose, so while we are on the shelf we are to be seeking God and His face. However, the devil would like us to believe that God is not there, that He has forgotten us and just left us all alone.

During that drying time it may feel like God is not there. You have called out to Him, and quoted every scripture that you know, trying to hear what He is saying. But all you hear is silence. When you feel alone that is a great indication that Satan is in the way! He is trying to whisper in your ear that God is not here because of what you have done in your past. Think of songs that talk about the past like; “The way we were.” This and others songs with the same message are all songs that are sad and lonely. And that is exactly how Satan wants us to feel. Even Lot’s wife was caught up in it. She was looking back at what was already in her past, longing for it maybe, or maybe she was just curious how it would all turn out. We should not allow Satan to lie to us precisely as he lied to Lot’s wife, and caused her to look back. We need to recognize that Satan is a liar and he wants us to look back.

God does not what us to look back. He is not there in the past, Satan is. Satan is the one who wants you to look back. Not God! God wants you to look forward. God is up here, not back there. He has already moved you out of the past hence do not try and go back there. That is exactly why the angel told Lot and his family not to look back. Back is where all the sin was, back is where Satan wanted to keep them. God was with them where they were, and was going to be in their future, that is why He spared them and brought them out. He never wanted to bring Lot’s wife out to destroy her. If he wanted to destroy her He would have left her there to be ruined! He had plans for her, but the overwhelming sense of wondering about the past had overcome her and she just had to turn and see.

What is in your past that you just have to look back and see? What is it that Satan keeps bringing up to you, which causes you to turn around and look back? Remember that God has destroyed your past, just as He did Sodom and Gomorrah. He rained sulfur down on your past when Jesus went to the cross for you and your sins were forgiven. God has already burned out that sin and sent you on to the next place. He sent His angels to take you hurriedly by the hand and bring you out. You are already out! Jesus wants you to move on and go forward because He is there. He is in your future and He is in the present.

While a clay pot sits and waits on a shelf to dry, it is there to await the perfect timing of the potter; when the clay is dry just enough. We need to look forward to where we are going, and what God is doing in us right now while we wait on that shelf. God is working in us things we need done, so that we can move on to the next level. Without waiting to dry properly we will not be able to take the next step in becoming that beautiful vessel He needs us to be.

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Sandra Hersey is a Spirit Driven Life Coach, Author, Popular Speaker, and the Founder of G.I.R.L.S ~ Girls Inspiring Real Life Success. As a life coach, Sandra’s primary focus is helping women discover their gifts, strengths, and to help them lead more successful lives. A particular emphasis of Sandra’s practice is empowering women by helping them find their purpose and live their life with passion. Sandra is passionate about helping women change certain areas of their lives; whether is be their relationships, their bodies, or their careers.

Sandra leads her powerful Success Training Teleseminars weekly, and her “Keys to Victorious Faith” Teleseminars monthly to women around the world. Sandra has produced a full line of coaching items, including e-books, tele-courses and inspirational items. This excerpt is from her upcoming book “The Drying Pot.”

With 25 years of corporate experience from Executive Administration to business ownership with her husband, Sandra now integrates her expertise into her coaching practice to assist women with issues such as learning who they are, what is their purpose, and how to live with passion. Sandra coaches clients throughout the U.S. and internationally. She started mentoring women12 years ago which grew into the practice she has today.