It’s been said that the energy of one can affect the masses; but I’ve often found that it’s the energy of a group that can affect the one, instead. For instance, have you ever been in a great mood and experiencing a tremendously positive day only to walk inside your home and, assaulted by children, teenager and spousal energies, find yourself suddenly a little (OK, a lot) cranky? Or, have you met your friends for coffee or lunch and at the end wonder how you allowed yourself to engage in all of the gossip that was going on around you? It seems that no matter what our intent before we enter a space, we sometimes find ourselves gelling with the energy of the group.

It’s my desire to consider shifting what has become normal for us. Instead of allowing yourself and your emotions to be dictated (albeit unintentionally) by those around you, what if you could turn this energy on its head? What if, instead of simply going with the crowd, we all decided that through the actions of ourselves (the one), we could ultimately affect the actions of the masses? What if, one by one, we each raised our energy vibration to a place that brought each of us peace? What could that do to the people around us? What effect could we have?

Today, are you the energy that affects the masses in a positive way?

Author's Bio: 

It seems that every time you turn around, someone wants to be a “Life Coach.” That’s definitely not the role I’m trying to fill, nor is it my attempt at becoming your psychologist. Instead, my passion is to provide spiritual food-for-thought to those who are interested.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, my role is best fulfilled when I’m providing inspiration and tools that help others achieve their life’s goals using techniques that have helped me succeed in life through a few struggles of my own.