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If we were to ask you, “what creates ones health?”, we would probably get answers ranging from; genetics, diet, exercise, whether one smoke’s or not, or maybe one’s level of stress in life.

Where it is true, these factors certainly have influence over our state of health, they are not the answer we are looking for. We would like to go a bit deeper.

In asking ourselves, what creates one’s health, we should instead ask, what creates anything? And for this it is imperative that we look at the unseen.
We know what you might be saying right now. “Huh? Look at the unseen? That makes no sense.”

We are speaking of the influencing factors of our inner-worlds, which all boil down to energy. Energy is everywhere, there is energy in everything. Beliefs are energy, thoughts are energy, emotions are energy, and our actions are energy.

Consciousness is the control of such energy, and unconsciousness is uncontrollable energy. This is why it is so important to live moment-to-moment to make empowering choices for your health.

Everything is Energy
Everything Matters

There are just two ingredients to existence; energy and matter; neither can be created nor destroyed, only transformed.

Everything in this physical existence has been created from an initial thought, (energy.) Thoughts create things (accumulation of matter), and this includes you and your health. If your health is comprised of energy; the energy of belief, thought, emotion, and action, then you have the ability to transform your state of health any way that you wish.

Universal energy is based on transformation. The universe is constantly transforming, that is all that it does. The universe has abundance of energy to allow you to transform exactly what you would like in life and this holds true to your health. The universe does not know lack. Thus a lack of health is actually the same energy transformed to abundance of ill health, or disease.

Our body’s have an innate ability to heal themselves through the energy of cellular resonance, or cellular communication. When you have a trauma, physical or emotional in nature, there often can be an energetic blockage to your body.

Imagine if the electricity in your home was to suffer a blockage. What would happen? Things would short out or lose power, right? Well, it is the exact same thing with your body, your lights usually don’t go right out; they get a little dimmer over time. Eventually, if this energetic block is ignored, or not properly addressed, it presents itself as an illness, or worst case scenario, your lights do go out.

What we want to do is bring to light (no pun intendedJ) conscious and subconscious factors of energetic influence, and how to manipulate them to your advantage.

This is where the law of duality comes into place. Duality speaks of balance, or an opposite nature to all there is. For hot there is cold, for good there is bad, for yin there is yang and for health there is illness.

Each pair comes from the same energetic makeup, the difference is just how each energetic seed is acted upon and allowed to grow and flourish.

Imagine in front of you there is a pot full of water. You can freeze it or you can boil it.

We begin with the same water, though with the energy of our thoughts that lead to our energy of action, we can create a different result, either frozen water or boiling water.

Now, here is the really cool thing. No matter what action we initially take, to boil or to freeze, we can transform the end result to the exact opposite. We can melt the frozen water to then boil it, or we can stop the boiling water to then freeze it.

It is the same with your health. You can transform your ill health to its healthy opposite, and visa versa, it is that simple and that profound. Remember what we said before, lack of health is only an abundance of ill health, we must choose our abundance.

Ultimate power lies within the ability to control the flow of energy


There are two very powerful universal laws called the law of attraction and the law of expansion. In speaking of energetic transformation it would be irresponsible not to share this with you. These laws state that whatever you choose to focus your attention upon will expand and you will attract. The laws of attraction and expansion are what direct the energy that molds our lives. Now, we are not saying all you have to do is focus on something and it will appear. What this book offers is how to identify the obstacles that do not allow this to happen that easy. Once we know the obstacles than we can work to clear the path.

Our current health care system, for the most part, chooses to focus on issues of lack, fear, and illness. So what do we get a nation full of? You guessed it, lack of abundant health, fear of ill health, and materialization and expansion of illness. Can you imagine where we would be if we were taught to focus on health fortifying issues?

Your state of health today is the direct result of where you have focused your energy and attention in the past. Your future state of health will be determined by where you focus your attention and energy now. If you desire abundant health, you should focus on abundant aspects of your health now.

So, whether it is the thoughts that you think, the words that you speak, or the actions that you take, we ask you to start focusing on what you want to manifest within your health. Begin to model every part of your life, no matter how minute towards exactly what you want. Did you know that want and need are two totally different things? You can certainly need something, but unless you have that intense burning desire of want, chances are you will be unlikely to create it. Also, when you decide what you want, you will be amazed at how quick the object of desire will manifest once you focus your attention on it.

Pay Yourself First! The Power of Compounded Health

Albert Einstein once said that the most powerful force in the Universe is compounded interest. Although he was speaking of monetary power, this is an immutable Universal rule which applies to everything.

You know what it is like to have money in the bank at a particular interest rate. As you leave it there and don’t make any withdraws you will end up with more money than you started, because of the interest. If you begin to make deposits on a regular basis, you will end up with much more. This is the power of compounding---free money.

Now let’s look at free health.

This is the pay yourself first mentality. This practice is done by most of the financial guru’s, and it works. They say take a minimum 10% of your pay and put it away, let it grow and grow and grow. Eventually you will become a millionaire.

We want you to become a millionaire in health. Your salary to put away will be the energy of your health conscious habits. It is your energy that is going to get you eating right, exercising, and be the fire to your motivation. This means instead of first things first, you do your things first. You must pay yourself first.

We have seen countless cases in our clinical practice, usually mothers and wives who constantly take a back seat to their family, and the end result is they are not able to balance work, lifestyle, love, and happiness in the long run. Paying yourself first, you will have all the energy you need, and more (remember the power of compounding) to take care of all of your other responsibilities.

Start practicing healthy habits, inside and out, and as time goes on you will see improvement at warp speed. Let your healthy habits build and pay you back, allow them to let you coast with all the energy you will ever need. Make your daily health conscious deposits and watch them build.

Healthy habits compound with interest to greater health.

Author's Bio: 

Robert Kress is a registered pharmacist, certified clinical nutritionist and Quantum Reflex Analysis practitioner. Amy is a lifetime student and researcher of the mindbody and is a Quantum Reflex Analysis practitioner as well.

Both Robert and wife Amy own a very integrative clinical nutrition and pharmacy practice.

Robert and Amy have completed their first book based on the empowerment of health ( and write regular entries at