You probably know about the book and the movie “The Secret”, but if you don’t, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of the book or the DVD. In my opinion “The Secret” is one of the most effective introductions to The Law of Attraction. It has opened up the minds of millions and given people the hope of a better life simply by utilizing our thoughts and feelings.

When I talk to people about “The Secret,” most immediately say, “Oh yea, the power of positive thinking I do that all the time!” But it’s more than just about the power of positive thinking and it’s not an automatic magical thought process. Unless you are an advanced student of the Law of Attraction, you may think that after reading the book or watching the DVD. Sure, the thoughts are important, because that’s where it all begins. Actually that is the first step of the creative process, you think about something you want to have or want to happen. But just because you think about it doesn’t mean it will happen for you. And sometimes if people think long enough about their desires, they start to think about fifty reasons why they will never have what it is they are wanting. Ouch, that’s not good!

The message behind “The Secret” is really about a way of life; a new way of feeling more than thinking. Take a minute to reflect on your daily routine thoughts and feelings. Take lunch for instance. Are you criticizing and shaming yourself and telling your body that you are going to gain five pounds for eating a burger and fries? Or are you spending your lunch hour savoring the flavor of that wonderful hot juicy burger topped with all your favorite fixings and those tender fries dripping in that sweet ketchup. Yum! Now that’s feeling!

It’s when you bring your thoughts into Feelings and then into Action you begin to see the beginning pieces of the results of what you want to manifest. For example let’s take a minute to do a short exercise together to get into what I call your feeling place. Close your eyes and just imagine that you want to have a new home. The thought of a new home comes into your mind, it may be brand new construction, it may be an older historical home or maybe a condo, choose what you want. Then think about what features you would like to have in your new home and let the fun begin.

In your minds eye, walk through the front door. What type of flooring is in the entrance, what colors are the walls, is the living room to the right or to the left or maybe the kitchen is in the front of the home. For some, this may be a tricky part where you begin to doubt that you can have this new home. The thought of your lack of money or credit may try to creep in. Stop right there! Just for a minute, pretend you have a continuous flow of expected income that allows you the freedom to have what you want. You don’t need to feel like you are a millionaire, just feel that you are financially in a good place. Once you do, get back into creating your new home in your mind. Go through the entire home in your mind. You may even want to write it down or get a tape recorder and record your voice describing your new home as you walk through it in your mind. As you do this exercise, you are taking yourself to your feeling place.
Your feeling place is the excitement and anticipation you feel when you are looking forward to something that is coming up in your life. For instance a vacation, starting a new job, getting married or going to dinner at your favorite restaurant. It’s that vibration of joy, that tickle in your stomach. That’s your feeling place!

Okay, now you are there. You are feeling it and it feels good. You are seeing yourself in your new home; in your mind you are selecting new paint colors for the walls at the paint store. You see yourself entertaining friends in your new home, see yourself walking around the home and smiling before you go to bed, then see yourself waking up the next morning and excited about placing your bare feet on that new bathroom rug!

It’s time for some action! Shop for a mortgage company. Go house hunting. Pick an area that you want to live in and start looking at the homes. Sundays are a great day for open houses and home tours. And as you walk through them you will gather an even greater knowledge of what it is that you want in your new home. And more importantly you are saying to the universe “I trust and expect you to draw me to the perfect new home for me!” Listen to your inner-self. You never know when you may just fall upon that great deal, or meet that one person who helps you along with something or someone. Take action when you hear your inner voice tell you to make a call or take a left when you want to take a right.

I believe that there are no coincidences and I believe that the Universe will move mountains to give you what you think and feel most about, whether you want it or not.

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Debi Magnes is a Certified Workshop Facilitator, Passion Test facilitator, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor, and Reiki Master. She received her certification to teach The Passion Test from Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood best-selling authors of The Passion Test and founders of Enlighten Alliances. Debi also received her advanced certification from “Heart Inspired Presentations,” a California based company known for their training based on the philosophy of internationally known author Louise L. Hay. Debi is the founder of the Kentucky Center for Self-Growth, LLC located in Prospect, KY where she conducts a series of workshops as well as private one-on-one Life Coaching sessions, The Passion Test, Reiki treatments and Intuitive Counseling. She is a speech contest winner and active member of Toast Masters International and loves public speaking. Debi has appeared on WHAS-TV, WAVE 3 TV, WDRB Fox 41, WFPL Public Radio, WTFX – FM, Cable TV, and has published several articles. To learn more about Debi and her work, go to