As someone that has spent nearly forty years studying human behavior, compulsion, mind body relationships and addiction, I have seen over and over again how addiction can be shattering to our hearts, self image, and sense of stability in the world.

I am in the process of designing a program for women who are in committed relationships with men that are compulsively involved with pornography; for women whose hearts and sense of self are breaking, for women who long to have a loving nurturing, open relationship with both herself and her man.

Why would one of the founders of the Acupuncture Industry in the United States focus on the impacts of porn addiction on women, you might ask. Interestingly, this topic directly connects with many of the healing capabilities associatied with Oriental Medicine. Acupuncture can have miraculous results healing addiction, and for thousands of years the Chinese have taught about the physical, emotional and energetic components of both sexuality and addiction. The ancient teachings provide lasting solutions to this very modern challenge.

My objective in supporting women that are facing pain in their most intimate relationship because of pornography addiction is to connect them with the tools to heal their relationships, his addiction, and most importantly, her heart and sence of worth as a woman.

In order to best support those struggling with this challenge, I would appreciate your sharing whatever insights you may know of, or may be feeling, thinking and struggling with. Your contribution will allow me to nurture thousands of women on their healing journey. Thank you

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