All the babies in our family use a Heart to Heart baby carrier. Using a baby wrap carrier can really make life easier. It reduces baby's crying, allows you to get things done, and allows you to bond even more with your baby. Here are 7 reasons why we love ours...
1. Maximum weight load - it can be used when baby is a newborn all the way up to a toddler. It has a maximum recommended weight of up to 40 pounds.
2. Very comfortable for baby and parent - one of the main reasons that we love the Heart to Heart baby carrier wrap style is that it makes it easy to hold a baby, and the more we hold our babies the more content they are and the less they cry. This carrier is very comfortable since it is designed to distribute the baby's weight across our shoulders and back. Also, it has a unique shoulder design where the rings (that are used for adjusting the carrier) are on top of the shoulder pad so they are out of the way away from mom's breast and baby's head.
3. Easy to use when breastfeeding your baby - the moms in our family breastfeed their babies. This wrap carrier allows the mothers to confidently feed their baby knowing that the wrap is providing them and their child with privacy. It has a generous amount of fabric in the "hammock" where the baby is held so that it is very easy to breastfeed on both sides just by moving baby from one side to another without having to take baby out of the wrap.
4. Very flexible with multiple positions for the baby - when things need to get done around the house this carrier allows you to face baby outwards so that he or she can see what is going on. Other times when you want baby to 'settle down' there is the flexibility to change baby's position so that he or she is snug up against you.
5. Hands free - the carrier is easily adjusted and the upper and lower edges can be independently tightened, so that you really are able to get things done, and keep baby comfortable at the same time.
6. Small and Compact - the carrier is small enough that it can be stored in a purse or handbag.
7. Maximum benefit - to be perfectly honest when we first bought the Heart to Heart it can be intimidating making sure that you know how it works. Thankfully, it comes with an instructional DVD. After watching the 10 minute DVD we found out easy it is to wear, and were ready to go.

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