We've all had them from time to time – those wonderful dark
circles under our eyes that either means tiredness or a good
night before, amongst other things. Whether you're a young party
goers or someone of an older disposition,
these often-unattractive patterns are there for everyone to see.

But what causes them and how can we remove them?

The Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

There are a number of ways that dark circles under eyes can be
caused, and although they are more prevalent in people of an
older age, they can affect the young too. Some of the more
common reasons for dark circles are:

• Old age. As we grow older, our skin becomes more
translucent and this in turn makes the veins underneath our
skin come to the fore. This results in the dark circle look.

Diet. We've all heard of how a balanced diet is good for
our overall health, and this includes our eyes. Lack of nutrients
can lead to our bodies breaking down, again leading to dark
circles under our eyes.

• Sleep deprivation. Whether you're burning the candles at
both ends, or suffer from sleep problems, the end result is the
same, and often more pronounced as the eyes get puffier when

How can I remove Dark Circles Under my Eyes?

Although they can be slightly ugly and give you a more haggard
appearance than normal, the good news is that dark circles under
the eyes can be cared for quite easily, and are not usually
permanent (unless there is a bigger underlying issue, such as
insomnia, where medical advice should be sought).

There are a number of ways you can help prevent the build-up of
dark circles in the first place, and they include:

• If you're out in bright sunshine, always wear dark
sunglasses.Combine this with a strong sunscreen for the area
around your eyes, such as Factor 30 – not only will this protect
your eyes from the sun's UV rays, it will keep your skin strong.

• Drink lots of water. Pure water has long been associated
with smoother skin and an effective barrier against aging.
• Get as much rest as you can. Not only will you feel more
alert yourself, your eyes will feel less strained, reducing the
chances of dark circles under them.

If you have already noticed that you have dark circles under your
eyes, then there are a number of methods you can make use of to
reduce the circles, and they can all be used with simple household items:

Cut some cool cucumber into two slices and apply them
over your closed eyelids. Leave them on for 15 minutes for the
best results.
Similarly, get two cool teabags (normal tea, though, not
herbal) and apply them to your closed eyes as you would the
Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables with Vitamin C and
iron. When these two vitamins are combined, they strengthen the
skin, once again reducing the chances of dark circles under the

Sometimes just getting enough sleep with cure the problem, but if
it is something you are really concern about, talk with your
doctor she knows what is best for you.

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