How To Identify The Target Market for Your Pet Sitting Business

What Is a Target Market?

A target market is simply the group of people that you aim to have as clients for your products or services. In regards to the pet sitting business, it’s those people whose pets you want to sit for and those who are inclined to want or need your pet sitting services.

Why Target Markets Are Important

Identifying a target audience is extremely important to the success your pet sitting business. You need to pinpoint and break down your target audience and appeal specifically to them. Knowing exactly who your target market is can also help you streamline your marketing efforts and increase the chances that you’ll reach the people who are most likely to become clients instead of wasting time and resources marketing to people who don’t want or need your services. Imagine all the money you could lose by marketing to the general public, many of whom don’t even have pets!

Target Market Characteristics

When determining a target market, you must start by finding out some of the basic attributes that your potential customers have. What is your target audience’s sex, age, marital status, residential location, occupation and income? You may also want to find out more detailed points of information that pertain to your business, like what types of pets your clients own, whether they live in houses or apartments and their travelling habits, as this information may change the course of your marketing plan.

Using a Target Market to Market Services

Once you’ve identified your target market, the next step is to use its specific information to maximize the possibility of getting new pet sitting clients. For example:

• Finding out where your target market works can influence where you put advertisements or tell you about their after-hour habits. If many of your clients have IT jobs, you can assume that they access the Internet at home and visit pet-related websites. These pet-related websites can be prime places to advertise your business.

• Identifying your target market’s species of pet may effect the types of services that you offer. A target audience that owns dogs will need different services than one that owns iguanas.

• Knowing how much your target audience makes in a year may influence how much you charge for your pet sitting services. More telling information may be how much they spend on their pets annually. Does your target market spend only the bare minimum on pet maintenance services or do they splurge on their furry friends? The answer can also guide you when determining but how many “extra” or “special” services your pet sitting business offers.

Of course, your research and marketing doesn’t end there. As your pet sitting business expands, your target market will likely change and your marketing efforts will have to change with them. But having a working knowledge of your target market is the first step to seeing your pet sitting business blossom into a success.

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