When was the last time that you went to a party and watched someone walk into the room to bring in a fresh aura of enthusiasm and cheerfulness? The new visitor seemed to be having an electrifying presence, captivating those in the room with his or her personality, body language and overall ...When was the last time that you went to a party and watched someone walk into the room to bring in a fresh aura of enthusiasm and cheerfulness? The new visitor seemed to be having an electrifying presence, captivating those in the room with his or her personality, body language and overall charisma. It is not rare to meet people like these who do not seem to have a thread of worry in their heads of lives. They seem not to walk but glide in and out of our lives, leaving us happy, content and energized. But are they super human beings or mere mortal souls like you and me? Incredible as it may sound, these people are very ordinary human beings, who have probably more worries and tensions that you and I combined. Yet they manage to rise beyond treating adversities with knowledge and wisdom, as situations which can be tackled with ease. They, in all likelihood, have cultivated and consciously inculcated one of the most essential elements of human spirit called ‘enthusiasm’. This is nearly as contagious as yawning and an enthused person would always spread cheer, happiness and contentment amongst those around him.

It is interesting to find this trait of not just remaining enthusiastic but also spreading the same feeling to others amongst every leader, irrespective of the sphere of his leadership. We call them by several names: vivacious, charismatic, dynamic and so on. What they essentially do is to instill the fire in the belly of all those who come next to them. They instill courage, self-confidence, and self-belief amongst their subordinates, team members and colleagues. Is it possible for you to develop this excellent positive trait and change your personality for good? The answer is a definite YES. Here are some steps to get you started:

1. I have met a person who never seemed to have any worry when he went to bed every night and slept like a child. He shared his secret with me once and mentioned that he keeps all the worries which crop up in his mind till the next morning, when he can view everything in a fresh perspective! When he went to work, he left his worries at home and when he returned home, he left them in the office. This very seemingly simple trick helped him to remain enthusiastic through out the day and look positive to others.

2. The things that are positive in our lives are actually countless, if you start to think hard. Starting from the country where you are born, to your family, your home, your job, your children, you can not simply complete counting your blessings. Concentrate on all that is happening well and your achievements rather than things which are not going according to your plan. Remember the old Chinese philosophy of yin-yang. It focuses on the duality of everything in life, from day and night, good and evil, rich and poor, and more to confirm that life is all about having the good and bad, in nearly equal measure. If there was no ingratitude, we would never learn to be grateful.

3. Think positive all the time. Make enthusiasm a habit. Stop being judgmental about others – because it is not your responsibility. Before being critical about anything, look at the resulting benefit of a situation or goodness of others.

4. Nature created one mouth but two ears. Learn from this natural and physical attribute – you are created to listen more and talk less! Remember, the world is full of people wanting their stories to be heard. The more you listen, the more compassionate people think you to be. By listening to others, you are subconsciously spreading enthusiasm to others.

5. There is nothing as good as humor to keep you enthused all the time. Instead of practicing laughing or making fun of others, learn to laugh at yourself – considered to be the best sense of humor one can have. When you have a good sense of humor, you would automatically draw people towards you as they start feeling relaxed in your company. When you develop the sense where you treat any adverse situation with a pinch of relevant humor, you land up being the most desirable company, where ever you go.

6. Smiling often would not only lifts your own mood, it would spread cheer to those around you. Being critical about life need not necessarily result in a constant frown – you have the power in you to turn it into a smile, not a wry one at that. When you sport a genuine smile and not a smirk, you would be surprised at the number of people who are enthused in your presence.

7. I have always believed in self-patting to keep me motivated and enthused. To find your boss at the right time at the right place to praise you for a job well done is mostly a dream. Instead of sulking on your way back home, think what a great person you are to have accomplished this nearly-impossible task. If there is no one to take you for a treat, treat yourself to a movie or go to one of your favorite restaurants and treat yourself with your favorite goodies. Its positive impact on your mind is quite amazing. Reward yourself, as often as you want and you can have a constant flow of enthusiasm coming out of nowhere!

There can never be any fixed agenda which you have to follow by which you can develop an enthusiastic deportment. You don’t even have to wait till Christmas to begin your efforts. Start today with an open and positive mind, and before you know how and when the change happened, you would surely start to surprise your colleagues, friends and family. Enthusiasm is contagious, and generates it’s own momentum. Rise to the challenge, and practice sparking enthusiasm in yourself and others each and every day!

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