Do you have a money-fear addiction? You know you have an addiction to money fears if you don’t experience money and other forms of abundance coming into your life easily and frequently.

If you didn’t have this addiction, your energy and feelings would be focused on expanding and enjoying creative ways to express yourself and what you do that serves others in some way meaningful and of value to them (for which they’d eagerly exchange money with you), whether you sell cars or are a comedian.

Note: You don’t have to believe in Law of Attraction to benefit from the suggestions offered below.

Law of Attraction (quantum mechanics), like soil, doesn’t argue with you about what you plant in it; it just grows it. The reality is that if you focus on not having enough, this is your vibrational output. LOA matches your vibrational output . . . all the time, whether you’re deliberate about this or not.

Some ways money fears show up for you may include
• I don’t have enough (LOA has no idea what enough is, nor is that specific for your purposes. Ask for or name a specific amount and keep asking for and naming even more. There’s no limit in a limitless universe.
• I don’t want to be rich; I just want to be comfortable. (If you have more, you do and contribute more. You have something to offer to others that can make a difference. Are you afraid to share and shine?)
• People will judge me if I have money or too much money (This goes back to what “enough” is, and it asks you to check in with your own thoughts about people who have money.)
• If I have too much money, I’ll lose my friends (You may need to re-visit the definition of friend.)
• I’ll have to work hard, long hours. (This is a belief that doesn’t serve you. How many people work hard and have little to show for it? If you have a clear vision of what you want to do, how you want to do it and who you want to do it with, and are passionate about doing it, you work/live on purpose in a way that energizes you, and do it in the way that fits your ideal image of how it looks and feels.)

A money-fear addiction lets you fool yourself into thinking worrying about it is the responsible thing to do.

How worried and fearful would you need to be to shift this in the direction you want it to go? How’s that working for you?

You begin to shift this by starting where you are now. When a money fear or worry comes up
• Notice it, but don’t start beating yourself up. Be gentle as you shift from the old habit to the new.
• Create a small shift by saying to your fear, “Thank you, but I prefer to do something more productive with my energy.”
• Do something creative and productive.

If you have time to worry, you have time to do something about what worries you. Maybe what you can do in that moment is pray or meditate so you calm your energy. As soon as you can, take positive action.

The problem is that you may attempt action in reverse. You may start running around being active rather than productive. Watch that you don’t confuse the two.

Use this method about your money-fear addiction to open up to inspired ideas you take action on:
• Make a list of what you don’t want (less money than I use every month, etc.).
• Make a list of what you no longer want to feel (stressed, afraid about money, etc.).
• List what you do want (to pay all monthly expenses and have $___ or more left in my account—note: make it an amount you feel is realistic now; you can expand it as you go).
• List what you do want to feel (money comes to me easily and frequently, relaxed, peaceful and joyful about money, etc.).
• Write a letter to the Universe/Spirit/God or to your inner guidance and state what you want and want to feel. Ask for a clear sign of guidance, a next inspired action, and state when you want to receive this sign by.
• Allow this sign to appear to you in expected or unexpected ways.
• Ask to be shown how to stay open to signs and new opportunities.

Pay attention to the small shifts (and larger ones) that start to happen in your life. Write them down. Celebrate them.

Know that you are more powerful than money or any fear you have about it.

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